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Epsilon Migration Status

Status of all MRT Services as of:
Friday, December 30, 10:00 AM PST

Epsilon Minecraft Server:



Website: ONLINE
Discord: ONLINE

Epsilon Migration – PLEASE READ

Hi all,

As promised, this post will outline the plan to migrate our Minecraft server, website, and wiki from our old machine named “Gamma” to our new machine named “Epsilon”. The migration is happening this week, so please read the entirety of this post carefully.

The Important Parts

The Minecraft Server on Gamma will be shutting down at approximately 10:00 AM PST on Tuesday, December 27, 2016. After the last backup is downloaded from Gamma, Gamma will be brought back online with all protection plugins disabled. No further world saves or backups will be done to Gamma from this point forward. Players will be free to grief and reign destruction on Gamma, but if Gamma crashes or is unrecoverable, there will no attempts to restore the server.

The Minecraft Server on Epsilon will be brought online at approximately 12:00 PM PST on Thursday, December 29, 2016 9:00 AM PST on Friday, December 30, 2016. Epsilon will be upgraded to Minecraft 1.11.2 with updated plugins, and the new world map will be expanded from a radius of 10000 blocks to 18000 blocks. This effectively increases the new world size by almost 3.3 times the old size. Also, the lab world will be quadrupled in size from a radius of 2000 blocks to 4000 blocks.

Please also note that the Mumble Server on Gamma will be shutdown permanently shortly before the migration starts. For your voice-chat needs, please move over to our Discord server. If you are not on the Discord server, please ask a staff member for an invite.


Here is a rough schedule of how things will go down over the next few days:

December 27

  • Before 10 AM PST, the Mumble Server will be shutdown.
  • At 10 AM PST, the server will be whitelisted and restarted to prepare for the backup. The wiki will also be set to read-only mode at this time.
  • Backups of the Minecraft server, website, and wiki will be transferred from Gamma to Epsilon. This transfer is expected to take a few hours.
  • Once the backup has started downloading, Gamma will come back online with protection plugins and world saves disabled. Mayhem and destruction will ensue.
  • Once the backup is uploaded to Epsilon, the new Minecraft server will be setup and will begin generating chunks for the new world expansion. This is expected to take at least 24 hours to complete.
  • While chunk generation is running, the Epsilon website and wiki will be setup.

December 28

  • Once chunk generation is complete on the Epsilon Minecraft server, the server and plugins will be updated to Minecraft 1.11.2. Some final testing will be done to ensure things are working.
  • If the Epsilon Minecraft server, dynmap, website, and wiki are all working by this date, the domain will be changed to point from the Gamma machine to the Epsilon machine. The wiki may be opened for editing again at this time.
  • A flat dynmap render of the New World will be made to allow players to be able to navigate the expanded world.

December 29

  • Dynmap render continues.

December 30

  • At 9 AM PST, the new Minecraft server on Epsilon will be opened to the public. More chaos and landgrabbing will ensue.

Joining the Epsilon Minecraft Server

Please note the following on while on the Epsilon Minecraft server:

  • Remember to login to Epsilon using a Minecraft 1.11.2 client. You will use the same URL to connect to the server when it opens.
  • The render distance on Epsilon will be temporarily set to 10 chunks instead of 15. This is to help accommodate the expected surge of players rushing to claim new land in the expanded new world. If necessary, this distance may be reduced further if the lag becomes too unelevbearable. The player limit for Epsilon will remain at 40 for the time being.
  • Elytra wings are currently banned. In beta testing, we found that their speed ends up loading too many chunks at one time. This ban will be re-considered at a future date.
  • The Lottery plugin has been disabled. It does not work at all with Minecraft 1.11. We will be looking for a replacement for this plugin in the future.
  • The new FastAsyncWorldEdit plugin that we were testing has been disabled. We found that it was causing issues with pasting or rotating schematics, so we will try to find an alternative later. For now, WorldEdits will continue to cause server-wide lag when executed.
  • The EElevator plugin is working, but the “ding” sound when an EElevator arrives at a floor has been disabled since it causes the EElevator to not work.
  • The uCars plugin is working with no immediate bugs. Previously reported bugs such as the double placement of uCars or the speed boosts not working have now been fixed.

When the migration begins on Tuesday, another website post will be made with the latest status of all MRT services. Be sure to also follow the official MRT Twitter account to get the latest updates.


December 2016 GSM and Candidate Batch #10 Results

Hi all,

The December 2016 GSM has concluded. As always, the recording for the public portion is available here, however please note that since we held the meeting on Discord and I didn’t set up my audio properly, you’ll notice that I am talking verrry slowwwwly in this recording. This is because I had to listen to myself while the recording was happening, which made it hard to talk normally. In future GSMs, I hope to correct this so it doesn’t happen again.

Please note that information about the upcoming migration to the new Epsilon server will be made in a separate post following these results.

Server Rules

Proposal to abolish SMPs

Please note that the following is ONLY A PROPOSAL for now, and is not yet officially in effect on the server. This proposal will be finalized by the next GSM.

The staff would like to propose removing most of the rules around SMPs, particularly around the sharing of perks between ranks. So far, staff have been unable to enforce SMP restrictions, and it’s too complicated to keep track of whether a player can build or not build something based on their SMP. Therefore, we would like to propose the following:

  • Sharing of perks in SMPs, and SMPs in general, will be eliminated with one exception. The exception is that players may still work together on a single large airport if at least one of the players is of Governor rank. Any players within this group, regardless of their rank, can participate in the construction of this large airport.
  • To allow towns that are very close together to still build road and rail connections, as part of this proposal we will allow unlimited connections within 300 blocks. The rules for connections outside of 300 blocks will still apply according to your rank.
  • Also, as an addendum to the Senator Airfield rule, we initially mandated that if a player initially constructs or helps out in building a large airport, but they haven’t yet built their own small airfield, then they forfeit the right to build the small airfield. However, on further consideration with these SMP rules, this restriction would be lifted. Under these new rules, Senators would be able to build their own airfield in any case regardless of whether they built a large airport.

Once again, this proposal is not finalized and will be discussed at the next GSM.

City Rank Candidate Process

There are no formal announcements about this process at this time, but staff are currently in discussions in changing or majorly overhauling how we promote Senators, Governors, and Premiers. Some ideas include making the promotions like Mayor or Trustee promotions, where a player must get a number of admods to endorse them, or staff will have a certain amount of time to veto a promotion. More discussion on this is expected at the next GSM.

Clarifying rules around enclaves and exclaves

We would like to clarify some confusion regarding enclaves and exclaves. Basically:

  • If you have a town, but build an encalve/exclave in another player’s town, you CANNOT claim that exclave and enclave as being part of your original town for promotions.
  • If you have a town, and another player builds an encalve/exclave in your town, be advised that encalve/exclave may not be counted as part of your town for promotions. We will treat encalves/exclaves similar to how we treat franchises.


The following roads have been approved:

  • B981: Whitechapel to Ashmore (proposed by unjinz)
  • B751: Espil to Xandar (proposed by _InDev_)


The following projects have been approved:

  • The MRT Northern Line will be continued by AP_Red. Here is a map with the proposed alignment:
  • Southern Ocean/Western Ocean Canal (proposed by Narnia17) has been conditionally approved if permission from the surrounding towns can be obtained. This canal crosses through mesa biome between M28 and M29.
  • Central City Heliport (proposed by godzilltrain) has been conditionally approved as long as the gates at the heliport are equally distributed and can be claimed free of charge. The heliport will be located in the large city block just north of A0 station.

Town Auctions

The following towns have now been granted to new owners:

  • I25, originally owned by BluemontBoy, has been granted to camelfantasy.
  • C119 / ZN12, originally owned by NeonYellow25, has been granted to Toaro.
  • T3, originally owner by yoshininja, has been granted to Derpy_Melon.
  • C56 / I15, originally owned by OpalStatus, has been granted to Steve_Bobs.

City Rank Candidate Batch #10 Results

Voting for the latest candidate batch has also concluded and the results are as follows:

New [Senator] Cities:

  • Danielston, built by mjpwwf (Player Promoted)
  • Fort Yaxier, built by camelfantasy
  • Heampstead, built by Derpy_Melon
  • Ravenna, built by jphgolf4321
  • Pine Mountain, built by BuildPilot (Player Promoted)
  • Bexley, built by autobus22
  • Valletta, built by AEhub (Player Promoted)

New [Governor] Cities:

  • Segville, built by godzilltrain (Player Promoted)
  • Formosa, built by camelfantasy (Player Promoted)

New [Premier] City:

  • Kenthurst, built by AlikSong

(No speech has been provided by Alik at the time of this website post, we mgiht get him to write one and put in a future website post.)

Feedback for the this batch of promotions, both for approval and rejection, is expected to be sent out within the next week or so. Thank you to everyone who submitted their city, and congratulations to all of the new Senators, Governors, and Premier!

That’s all the results for now.


December GSM Date

Hi all,

Just letting you know that the next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, December 17th, at the usual time of 7 PM UTC. The agenda is not yet set in stone, but will at least include the following:

  • Proposal for re-working the rules around SMPs
  • Changes to the process and voting for City Rank Candidates (will not be applied to the current batch)
  • Clarifying the rules regarding enclaves and exclaves
  • Second round of moderator nominations continued from last meeting
  • The usual road and project proposals, and town auctions

More announcements regarding Epsilon will also be made at the meeting, including such topics as:

  • An update on the plugin testing being done on Epsilon
  • A plan on how we will migrate the Minecraft server, website, and wiki over to Epsilon
  • An estimated timeline on when the migration will happen

Also, please note that submissions for City Rank Candidate Batch #10 are now closed as of this morning, and voting has begun amongst the admods. Results and feedback will be posted on December 25th.