Daily archives: December 11, 2016

December GSM Date

Hi all,

Just letting you know that the next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, December 17th, at the usual time of 7 PM UTC. The agenda is not yet set in stone, but will at least include the following:

  • Proposal for re-working the rules around SMPs
  • Changes to the process and voting for City Rank Candidates (will not be applied to the current batch)
  • Clarifying the rules regarding enclaves and exclaves
  • Second round of moderator nominations continued from last meeting
  • The usual road and project proposals, and town auctions

More announcements regarding Epsilon will also be made at the meeting, including such topics as:

  • An update on the plugin testing being done on Epsilon
  • A plan on how we will migrate the Minecraft server, website, and wiki over to Epsilon
  • An estimated timeline on when the migration will happen

Also, please note that submissions for City Rank Candidate Batch #10 are now closed as of this morning, and voting has begun amongst the admods. Results and feedback will be posted on December 25th.