A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

December 2016 GSM and Candidate Batch #10 Results

Hi all,

The December 2016 GSM has concluded. As always, the recording for the public portion is available here, however please note that since we held the meeting on Discord and I didn’t set up my audio properly, you’ll notice that I am talking verrry slowwwwly in this recording. This is because I had to listen to myself while the recording was happening, which made it hard to talk normally. In future GSMs, I hope to correct this so it doesn’t happen again.

Please note that information about the upcoming migration to the new Epsilon server will be made in a separate post following these results.

Server Rules

Proposal to abolish SMPs

Please note that the following is ONLY A PROPOSAL for now, and is not yet officially in effect on the server. This proposal will be finalized by the next GSM.

The staff would like to propose removing most of the rules around SMPs, particularly around the sharing of perks between ranks. So far, staff have been unable to enforce SMP restrictions, and it’s too complicated to keep track of whether a player can build or not build something based on their SMP. Therefore, we would like to propose the following:

  • Sharing of perks in SMPs, and SMPs in general, will be eliminated with one exception. The exception is that players may still work together on a single large airport if at least one of the players is of Governor rank. Any players within this group, regardless of their rank, can participate in the construction of this large airport.
  • To allow towns that are very close together to still build road and rail connections, as part of this proposal we will allow unlimited connections within 300 blocks. The rules for connections outside of 300 blocks will still apply according to your rank.
  • Also, as an addendum to the Senator Airfield rule, we initially mandated that if a player initially constructs or helps out in building a large airport, but they haven’t yet built their own small airfield, then they forfeit the right to build the small airfield. However, on further consideration with these SMP rules, this restriction would be lifted. Under these new rules, Senators would be able to build their own airfield in any case regardless of whether they built a large airport.

Once again, this proposal is not finalized and will be discussed at the next GSM.

City Rank Candidate Process

There are no formal announcements about this process at this time, but staff are currently in discussions in changing or majorly overhauling how we promote Senators, Governors, and Premiers. Some ideas include making the promotions like Mayor or Trustee promotions, where a player must get a number of admods to endorse them, or staff will have a certain amount of time to veto a promotion. More discussion on this is expected at the next GSM.

Clarifying rules around enclaves and exclaves

We would like to clarify some confusion regarding enclaves and exclaves. Basically:

  • If you have a town, but build an encalve/exclave in another player’s town, you CANNOT claim that exclave and enclave as being part of your original town for promotions.
  • If you have a town, and another player builds an encalve/exclave in your town, be advised that encalve/exclave may not be counted as part of your town for promotions. We will treat encalves/exclaves similar to how we treat franchises.


The following roads have been approved:

  • B981: Whitechapel to Ashmore (proposed by unjinz)
  • B751: Espil to Xandar (proposed by _InDev_)


The following projects have been approved:

  • The MRT Northern Line will be continued by AP_Red. Here is a map with the proposed alignment:
  • Southern Ocean/Western Ocean Canal (proposed by Narnia17) has been conditionally approved if permission from the surrounding towns can be obtained. This canal crosses through mesa biome between M28 and M29.
  • Central City Heliport (proposed by godzilltrain) has been conditionally approved as long as the gates at the heliport are equally distributed and can be claimed free of charge. The heliport will be located in the large city block just north of A0 station.

Town Auctions

The following towns have now been granted to new owners:

  • I25, originally owned by BluemontBoy, has been granted to camelfantasy.
  • C119 / ZN12, originally owned by NeonYellow25, has been granted to Toaro.
  • T3, originally owner by yoshininja, has been granted to Derpy_Melon.
  • C56 / I15, originally owned by OpalStatus, has been granted to Steve_Bobs.

City Rank Candidate Batch #10 Results

Voting for the latest candidate batch has also concluded and the results are as follows:

New [Senator] Cities:

  • Danielston, built by mjpwwf (Player Promoted)
  • Fort Yaxier, built by camelfantasy
  • Heampstead, built by Derpy_Melon
  • Ravenna, built by jphgolf4321
  • Pine Mountain, built by BuildPilot (Player Promoted)
  • Bexley, built by autobus22
  • Valletta, built by AEhub (Player Promoted)

New [Governor] Cities:

  • Segville, built by godzilltrain (Player Promoted)
  • Formosa, built by camelfantasy (Player Promoted)

New [Premier] City:

  • Kenthurst, built by AlikSong

(No speech has been provided by Alik at the time of this website post, we mgiht get him to write one and put in a future website post.)

Feedback for the this batch of promotions, both for approval and rejection, is expected to be sent out within the next week or so. Thank you to everyone who submitted their city, and congratulations to all of the new Senators, Governors, and Premier!

That’s all the results for now.