A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

February GSM

Hello All,

Just some news regarding the last GSM.

Ranks update

As many of you probably know the ranks  will be updated as a late Epsilon update. One of the aims with the updated ranks is to simplify the system for both members and staff. Also, to make building and playing on the server easier and more free within reason. Nothing is yet final but some of the updates that are almost certain are considerably more homes to players of most ranks. It will also be easier for members to set up warps for connections free of staff but with a fee.

This will also very likely lead to finally eliminating the SMP concept since we believe it is complex and no longer needed if towns can better connect to each other.

Expect to hear more about this in the near future.


The B911 proposed by FredTheTimeLord has been approved.


With the map expansion it is obviously interesting with many new useful water connections on the map, hence all the canal proposals at this GSM. The amount of canals did lead to slight confusion but it will still be possible to propose canals at further GSMs. This also means that not all canals will have to be built at once.

-The Northern Isthmus Canal proposed by CaptainChimpy has been approved. This canal has recently been built as a more natural looking river and can be seen on dynmap and used to connect towns.

-A proposal by camelfantasy has also been approved.

Epsilon MRT Lines

We received a lot of proposals from players. Different layouts have been discussed with Just_robinho a frumple finalising proposals for next GSM.

Town Auctions

-ZS26 has been given to SilverBubble

-Hinkley has been given to AP_red

-ZN8 has been given to FredTheTimeLord

-Phos City now belongs to Soso123 and is being be refurbished

-C88 has been given to Purrcat2010 with the condition that expansions will have to be discussed with neighbours.

-I27 has been given to camelfantasy

-Whitechappel’s new mayor is hnt who will mainly act as a caretaker for the Premier city.

-RegionalConnect has been given back to its original owner RLcrafters

The “New” Mods

All staff agree that both Narnia17 and AP_red have been a great addition to the staff team and we’re happy to continue working with them and seeing them around helping out on the server!

Last but not least..

We received a late but proud Premier speech from AlikSong:

Dear everyone,

I came to the MRT server on 1 January 2015. On that same day I started building up the area around MRT station XW10, hoping that one day my city would expand to the coastline and have a port. Since that first day I have come back to this server again and again to work on this one city for over 2 years. I thought I’d give everyone a brief snapshot of the history of Kenthurst.
The central part of Kenthurst surrounding XW10 MRT station is the oldest part of the city, and all the builds there are the original builds that I constructed in the first month of being on the server. I also built an inner ring road to set up the skeleton for my city expansion.
About 5 months in, I decided to construct a large ring road around my city to establish its new boundaries (now the B79 outer ring road). This was a big challenge as it meant that I had to fill in most of the empty space between the inner and outer ring roads. Slowly but surely I created district after district, including the New Commercial District (supertall skyscrapers), residential district, estates district, sporting district, Kenthurst beach/port district, Kenthurst Fort, and an airport. I decided to also build a canal system within my city, and this required a fair bit of planning especially since I had to retrofit the canals into some of the existing areas of the city. In about August 2015, Mississa Bay (around XW11) was also given to me by hnt and decorminecraft. I have expanded the original township and integrated it into greater Kenthurst. In mid 2016, Central Park north of XW9 was established as an exhibition of the best terrace buildings on the MRT. More recently I have been putting more detail into the buildings throughout Kenthurst, building parks, constructing roads to other cities and building general infrastructure within Kenthurst.
Throughout my time on the MRT I have been supported by many generous players who have contributed large and small to the development of Kenthurst. Ideas for what to build next were sourced from other players, my own imagination, and Google Images (honourable mention). I have invested much time to create a city that tries to have a healthy mix of high and low density districts, with a futuristic theme, while being in harmony with the natural landscape. I spent much time planning to ensure that the city would look realistic and well organised to visitors and locals alike. 
Thank you everyone for your support in attaining the Premier rank. I especially thank Frumple for creating such a wonderful server and for facilitating a close knit community. All the best for 2017 and beyond.
Love from Alik
With that, happy building and remember spring is coming (at least here in Europe)!