A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

May 2017 Announcements

Hello all,

Here are this month’s series of announcements, including the results from the last General Staff Meeting and City Rank Candidate Batch.

April 2017 GSM Results

Recordings for the February 2017 and April 2017 GSM public portions are now available:

Rule and Rank Changes

A major proposal for revamping various rules and ranks has been approved. The original proposal can be viewed here, and the official Rules and Ranks pages on the website have been updated. A summary of these changes are as follows:

  • SMPs are now abolished. Players may no longer share perks from higher ranks as part of the SMP arrangement.
    • One exception: Multiple players and cities may elect to work together on a single large airport. Players may be of any rank to work on the airport, as long as one of the players is of [Governor] rank or higher. The maximum size of the airport is 50% the size of the participating cities combined.
  • Road, bus, and rail connections are now allowed for all ranks, subject to new Road and Rail rules available on the Rules page.
  • [Councillors] and above are now allowed to build any form of transit hub or transit centre.
  • [Councillors] and above can now create unlimited public and private warps.
    • IMPORTANT: Warps must only be used for bus, airplane, or warp train transportation purposes. Creating warps or warp hubs for your own personal use is against the rules and is subject to warnings and/or bans.
    • The price for creating warp signs now costs $0.50, while the price for using warp signs has been reduced from $0.25 to $0.10. Creating warps, or publicizing or privatizing warps is free.
  • Residences and businesses built by other players are no longer required for [Councillor], [Mayor], and [Senator] ranks.
  • The number of maximum /homes has been increased for most ranks:
    • [Citizen] – 1
    • [Trustee] – 3
    • [Councillor] – 5
    • [Mayor] – 8
    • [Senator] – 12
    • [Governor] – 16
    • [Premier] – 20

New Trial Moderators

We are introducing a new staff rank called Trial Moderator. Trial moderators are new moderators on probation for three months. and have the [Trial Mod] tag. They have all of the same permissions as full moderators, except that full mods have the ability to temporarily ban trial moderators if necessary. Once the probation for a trial moderator is up, Frumple and the admins will make a decision as to promote them to a full moderator or not.

For our first batch of Trial Moderators, we have promoted godzilltrain and _Kastle to this new position. Congratulations to both of them!


  • A30 extension via XE22, Ravenna, St. Anna, and Nippia has been approved.
  • B80 Risima Ringroad has been approved.
  • B813 from Spruce Valley (T41) to Vegeta (T44) has been approved.
  • First phase of B91 from Freshney to Xilia has been approved.

Town Auctions

  • Gold City is now owned by Toaro.
  • ZN7 is now owned by FredTheTimeLord.
  • C6 is now owned by EliteNeon.

City Rank Candidate Batch #12 Results

The latest candidate batch has concluded. Starting from this batch, we will be making all feedback given to all candidates public on this Google Doc. Please view this document if you were a candidate.

The following promotions have been approved:

New [Senator] Cities:

  • Titsensaki (frogggggg)
  • Stoneedge (SoSo123)

New [Governor] Cities:

  • Quiris (_HeavenAngel_)
  • Freedon (SoSo123)
  • Fort Yaxier (camelfantasy)
  • Pearl Coast (knowmads7)
  • Radiance Square (MindBender15)
  • Xilia (Yellowitcher)

Congratulations to all who were promoted and thanks to all who submitted.

Next GSM Date

The next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, May 20th at 7pm UTC.

The agenda for this meeting will mostly include roads, projects, and town auctions, with no major rule or policy changes expected. Some noteworthy projects include the introduction of metro and bus networks in Central City.

Upcoming Website and Wiki Maintenance

Over the next couple weeks, I will be performing some maintenance on all web-based services of the MRT, which includes the website, wiki, dynmap, and files server. The Minecraft server, Mumble, Discord, and subreddit will not be affected by this maintenance. There will be some major downtime for some or all of these services, of which will be announced mainly in-game, on our Discord server, or via our Twitter account. No dates or times have been concretely set, but please keep an eye out for these announcements as they will be made in the coming days. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

That is all for now. Until next time.