A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

We have updated to Minecraft 1.12!

Hi all,

UPDATE: We have successfully updated to Minecraft 1.12! Thank you all for your patience.

Tomorrow, on Monday, July 10th from 4 pm to 7 pm UTC (9 am to 12 pm PDT), the server will be down for upgrades to Minecraft 1.12. The beta server will be up during this time, so feel free to hang out there while the update is in progress. All other services including the wiki and Discord will remain up during this time. Check Discord or Twitter for the latest updates.

Please note the following about this update:

General Changes

  • Elytra wings will initially be enabled on the server for now. Testing on the beta server seems to indicate that elytra do have an impact on server performance, but not as much when we first updated to 1.11. If on the main server we find that elytra are causing too much lag, then they will be banned once again.
  • Players will no longer be kicked after 10 minutes of inactivity.

New Plugins

  • The Lift plugin will be installed as an eventual replacement for EasyElevator. EasyElevator still works with 1.12 and will remain installed until it no longer works in a future update. Since there is no telling when that will happen, it is highly recommended that members start converting their EasyElevators into Lifts as soon as they are able.
    • To see Lifts in action, go to spawn and take the warp to the Lift demonstration area on the lab world.
    • The bottom of all Lifts can be constructed with one of six different base blocks. Each base block allows for different lift speeds:
      • Coal Block: 0.2x Fly Speed – “Freight Elevator Speed”
      • Lapis Lazuli Block: 0.5x Fly Speed – “EasyElevator Speed”
      • Iron Block: 1.0x Fly Speed – “Lift Default Speed”
      • Gold Block: 2.0x Fly Speed – “Light Speed”
      • Diamond Block: 3.0x Fly Speed – “Ridiculous Speed”
      • Emerald Block: 4.0x Fly Speed – “Ludicrous Speed”
  • The ArmorStandTools plugin will also be installed. This plugin allows for highly granular manipulation of armor stands within the world. The use of these tools is restricted to [Trustees] and above. You can toggle the armor stand tools in your inventory by running the /ast or /astools commands.
  • We will not be installing the EditableSign plugin on the main server due to the fact that CoreProtect, our block logging plugin, does not recognize sign edits done by this plugin. Enabling this plugin would allow players to edit and vandalize signs without any trace.

Known Issues

  • /warp info┬ácauses an internal error when done for certain warps. This does not affect actual warp functionality, and will be fixed when the appropriate update for MyWarp is available.
  • Concrete and concrete powder block currently do not render properly on dynmap. A future dynmap plugin update is expected to fix this issue.