Events Happening This Week

Hi all,

No results from the July GSM are available yet, but they will be coming soon. Until then, here are some server events that are happening this week:

MRT Land Community Build

MRT Land is a community-built theme park project hosted by thomasfyfe and officially endorsed by the server. The event will run from July 22nd to August 5th, and all members are encouraged to contribute rides, franchises, and other details to this project. Please be sure to read the rules on the wiki page before you jump in. You can visit MRT Land by using the special warp sign available at spawn.

Evella Expo

The Evella Expo is one of the first major exhibition events on the server, organized and run by LDShadowLord. The expo will run from July 26th to July 30th, and features many creations, businesses, and franchises from various members of the server. You can visit the Evella Expo by using another special warp sign available at spawn.

Big Brother 2

The second installment of Big Brother 2 is now underway, Organized by notorious gamemaster MinecraftYoshi26, this server-run reality series will feature competitions, collusion, backstabbing, and drama (hopefully the good kind, not the bad kind).

That’s all for now.