A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

July and August 2017 GSM Results

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay regarding these GSM results. For the ease of writing this post, the results will be combined together. As always, the recordings for the public portions of these meetings are available here:

Community Events

MRT 5th Anniversary: Old World Tour and MRT Theme Park

The 5th birthday of the MRT Server has come and gone. Be sure to check out the following attractions from this year’s celebrations:

  • Feeling nostalgic about the old world and the server’s ancient builds? Check out the Old World Tour by heading to Spawn Station on the Old World and going to any Emerald Warp Booth.
  • MRT Land, a new community-built amusement park east of Central City, is now officially open! Check it out by flying east of F0 station or taking the new Central City Metro.


At the August GSM, the staff considered several candidates for the trial moderator position. In the end, staff decided to offer the position to two members:

Congratulations to hvt2011 and unjinz for becoming our newest trial moderators! As with all trial moderators, they will be given a 3-month probation period to learn the ropes and become effective moderators. At the end of the probation, a decision will be made on whether the trial moderators will be promoted to full moderator or not.


Approved Roads

  • An extension to B40 proposed by tomtomy8 has been approved.
  • A proposal by jphgolf4321 to upgrade various roads (A270/A270-R/B12) in the vicinity of Ravenna has been approved.

Denied Roads

  • An unnamed road proposed by I-90 into the western desert and mesa biomes has been denied due to being too long and not connecting to any significant towns in that region.

Projects and Proposals

Approved Projects and Proposals

  • A proposal by mervynang to create a warp rail line as an alternative to a traditional minecart rail line has been approved on the condition that the warp signs only warp to the adjacent stations on the line. Specifically, the creation of a “warp hub” that connects to all stations on the line is not allowed in accordance with the rules.
  • A proposal by SilverBubble for adding airbuses to the town of Coruscant has been approved.
  • A proposal by autobus22 to allow stone and stone derivative blocks to be driven upon with uCars has been partially approved. Regular stone will not be allowed as it is naturally abundant in the world terrain, but other stone derivatives such as granite, diorite, andesite, and their polished forms are now drivable.
  • A proposal by AP_Red to extend the Eastern Line to Verdantium has been approved.
  • A proposal by mikefishr to expand the Ilirea Airport to match the city’s current size has been approved.

Denied Projects and Proposals

  • A proposal by SoSo123 for adding airbuses to the town of Chalxior has been denied.
  • A proposal by _HeavenAngel_ to construct a space research facility (not a spaceport) in the city of Quiris (at Senator rank) has been denied citing existing airfield/airport rules that are intended to prevent any such “ambiguous” builds from taking too much space on the server. However, the staff would like to clarify that large airport or spaceport facilities built at the Governor rank can be split up between multiple tracts of unconnected land. This means that you may have multiple airport, spaceport, or space research facilities in your Governor city, as long as the total size of all facilities is less than 50% the size of the city.
  • A proposal by MikeRoma to construct a ski resort for the city of Copperport has been denied. The proposal called for the creation of an artificial mountain in the middle of the ocean, which is not conducive to respecting the landscape. The staff recommend that the ski resort be built in a nearby existing mountain biome instead.
  • A proposal by autobus22 to construct the RaillinQ line over the Desert Line portion between Bexley to Paixton has been denied at this time due to heavy disagreements of how the line should interact with the MRT. Staff are also waiting for BaronThamesBank to return for clarification on how the original line was approved without sufficient notification to other staff.
  • A proposal by autobus22 to construct a RaillinQ station in the west side of Central City has been denied. However, staff have designated and Worldguarded an area west of Central City for the purpose of building a shared rail junction for 3rd-party rail lines and companies in the future. More details about this project may come to light in future GSMs.
  • A proposal by EliteNeon to allow the construction of Elytraports has been denied, as it presents itself as an exception to the existing airfield and airport rules, and would be difficult to enforce.
  • A proposal by BernCow to allow the construction of helipads at the Mayor rank has been denied due to similar reasons as above.


Approved Auctions

  • A request by ryanfr to own C61/ZS18 has been approved.
  • A request by TheSubway to own T40 has been approvedĀ on the condition that he works with XtremeF, a neighbouring town mayor, on planning the integration of T40.
  • A request by SubmergedSubway to own F6 has been approved.
  • A request by FredTheTimeLord to own the town of Numark as well as the company Met Rail (which has many assets and buildings in Numark) has been approved.
  • A request by time2makemymove to own ZS19 has been approved.
  • Two separate requests by mervynang and SubmergedSubway to own portions of ZS4 has been approved. mervynang will own and operate the rail lines in the town, while SubmergedSubway will be the new mayor of the town itself.
  • A request by mine_man_ to own Kelvinside (I20/C51) has been approved.
  • A request by tarheelscouse to own Pelham (M19) has been approved on the condition that MishkaMan, the nearby mayor of Kolpino, is consulted beforehand.
  • A request by nicbrats to own C30 has been approved.

Denied Auctions

  • A request by CyAmethyst to own P22/P23 has been denied as the town owner is still active.
  • A request by Purrcat2010 to own the town of Wolf Peak has been denied as the town is too far away from Purrcat’s current town.

City Rank Candidate Batch #15 and #16 Results

Feedback documents for these batches are now available. Links are below:

Congratulations to FredTheTimeLord for his promotion to [Senator] for his city of Bakersville!

Voting for City Rank Candidate Batch #17 has begun and voting is scheduled to conclude by September 14th with promotions by September 15th, assuming that we have sufficient votes from staff. If there are not enough votes by this date, an announcement will be posted to Discord with the new voting end date. The following cities are in Batch #17:

[Senator] Candidates

  • Waterville (PtldKnight)
  • Welsbury (dragonbloon419)
  • Chalxior (SoSo123)
  • Coruscant (SilverBubble)

[Governor] Candidates

  • Heampstead (MikeRoma)
  • Dabecco (Sirots)
  • Whiteley (AP_Red)

[Premier] Candidates

  • City of Evella (LDShadowLord)
  • Segville (godzilltrain)

City Rank Candidate Batch #18 is currently open for submissions and voting will begin October 1st. As always, submit your town for consideration using the City Rank Promotion Request Form.

Those are all the announcements for now.