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MRT 6th Anniversary Events Schedule

Hi all,

The MRT Server turns a whopping 6 years old this Friday, July 13th!

To celebrate this occasion, we are organizing several official server events during the week. Here is the schedule:

DateTime (UTC)EventOrganizer
Sunday, July 87:00 pmBuild CompetitionTom_Pairs
Thursday, July 127:00 pmThe Weakest LinkJust_robinho
Friday, July 137:00 pmSecret HitlerFrumple
11:00 pmPVP "Death Arena"Tom_Pairs
Saturday, July 147:00 pmThe Amazing Race 9MinecraftYoshi26
11:00 pmBootleg Telephone & Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toemegascatterbomb
Sunday, July 157:00 pmJackbox GamesFrumple
  • 7 pm UTC = 12 pm PDT = 3 pm EDT = 8 pm BST = 3am (+1) Singapore
  • 11 pm UTC = 4 pm PDT = 7 pm EDT = 12 am (+1) BST = 7 am (+1) Singapore

Details for each of these events will be added below (and announced on Discord) as they become available:

Build Competition

  • This competition organized by Tom_Pairs will consist of two rounds: a speed round and a long round.
  • In the speed round, players will be given a subject at the start and they will have 15 minutes to build it. At the end of 15 minutes, Tom_Pairs and any non-participating spectators present will judge the builds. The winner will be awarded $200 of in-game money.
  • In the long round, participants in the speed round can then improve on their build. They will be given until Friday, July 13th to complete their build, at which point Tom_Pairs will judge the builds. The winner will be awarded $500 of in-game money, and the build will be moved into an empty lot in Central City.

The Weakest Link

  • An elimination gameshow consisting of nine contestants similar to the IRL show of the same name, organized by Just_robinho.

Secret Hitler

  • Secret Hitler is a voting game of intrigue and deception for groups up to 10 players.
  • To participate, sign up for an account at and be able to join Discord voicechat. Voicechat is mandatory.

PVP “Death Arena”

  • Details to be announced.

The Amazing Race 9

  • The Amazing Race 9 continues as teams of two trek across the MRT server and solve various challenges.
  • Participation in TAR 9 is limited to the players who remain in the race at that time, but you can spectate and watch the action on Frumple’s stream at, or the MBS stream.

Bootleg Telephone & Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

  • Bootleg Telephone is a building game where each player make up a phrase, and then another player must build something to match that phrase. Yet another player then tries to guess what the person was trying to build, and then that answer becomes the phrase for the next round of the game.
  • Utlimate Tic-Tac-Toe is the newest game made by megascatterbomb. Details to be announced.

Jackbox Games

  • Participate in various party games with your fellow MRT members.
  • All you need to play is to be able to watch Frumple’s stream at, and a mobile device or computer in which to input your own answers or vote on other people’s answers. Joining Discord voicechat for this is entirely optional, but greatly enhances everyone’s experience.


The Amazing Race 9 premieres today!

In just a few hours, players will begin the ninth race around the MRT for a $10,000 in-game cash prize — plus smaller prizes, several challenges, dozens of cities, and countless funny quotes along the way.

Session One of the ninth MRT Amazing Race will begin at 7:00 pm UTC, at the Edelfort Citadel in Quiris. You can check what time that is for you here. The number of legs completed today will be determined during the event (it could be two, it could be four – we won’t know until the event is underway).

Frumple will be live-streaming the event on his Twitch channel at Other media providers such as MBS or MNC may also be running streams, so check with them directly to confirm details.

Best of luck to the racers, and we’re excited to see where this season’s challenges will take us!

Notes to spectators

The best way to watch the Race is via Twitch. (Frumple’s stream will include a live Dynmap and an on-screen team status tracker!) Spectators are permitted in certain areas at the discretion of Race Director MinecraftYoshi26.

Under no circumstances may spectators interfere with the Race. Violators will be kicked on sight. Spectators may not attempt a challenge until all contestants have checked in at the following Pit Stop or abandoned the Race.

Follow the directions of Race crew. MinecraftYoshi26 is running the event. Directions from him and his designated race crew must be followed by participants and spectators alike. In particular, DO NOT POST RACE DETAILS (including challenges, locations, or status of teams) IN MINECRAFT PUBLIC CHAT! This counts as spectator interference. Spectators are welcome to discuss the Race in Discord or Twitch.

Don’t obstruct streamers. Please move if asked to do so, even if you can’t see them.

Members and above who wish to spectate in-game can request access to Spectator Mode (game mode 3). Please ask a staff member for assistance, and be sure to exit Spectator Mode when leaving the area.

The slot limit will be kept at 60 players. If you will be going AFK, please disconnect entirely and rejoin when you get back. Today’s event will have upwards of 25 people involved, so we would like to keep as many slots free as possible so that racers can easily participate. Staff may kick AFK players before the 60-minute timer if necessary to free up slots.

Finally, while we won’t instate a blanket moratorium on WorldEdit requests, please note that most staff will be either running in, crewing, or streaming the Race. Staff that are involved with the Race will not be assisting with WorldEdits, and we don’t want to push all of the WorldEdit burden onto the staff who are just spectating. As such, please give staff additional time to respond to your requests, or wait a few hours until the event is over and make your request then.

Finally, our new Senators!

June ended yesterday, and with it the end of another City Rank Promotion Batch. Congratulations to the following players for successful promotions up to the next rank!

  • Cynra_’s city of Ilirea has been promoted to Governor.
  • FredTheTimeLord’s city of New Bakersville has been promoted to Senator.
  • airplane320 has been promoted to Senator for the city of Zerez.
  • MojangChan has been promoted to Senator for the city of Deadbush.

All feedback from this batch and previous ones is available here.

Thanks all!