A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

February 2019 GSM Results

Hey all! Last week we started talking about some upcoming changes to the rules, and this week we finished that conversation while also reviewing the other projects you all want to get done. The public portion recording is now available here. Here are the results from the February 2019 GSM.

Rules Revamp document released

It’s been a long time coming! Today we released our proposal of the new rules page, which we will vote on at the March GSM and hope to have in effect then. We’ve attempted to write this manifest of rules to help clarify our expectations, provide examples, and overall reduce ambiguity in the rules. To be clear, the new rules are not in effect yet, and there are still some topics we will be updating or adding information to. You can read the new proposal here: http://bit.ly/MRTRulesRevamp.

Some of the highlights of the proposed rules are:

  • See last week’s post for the rules regarding airfields, seaplanes, and helicopters – all of these have been carried forward.
  • Rail lines need to have stations 2,000 blocks or closer together (measuring from closest ends of platforms using “local” trains). Staff can waive this requirement via email.
  • MRT stations are staff property, but you can make some changes without needing to contact us. If your town is below the Mayor rank you can change the entrances, and once it reaches Mayor you can make cosmetic improvements elsewhere in the station. Any modifications to MRT tracks need to be run by staff first.
  • We are renaming “Asset Auctions” to “Asset Transfers” and have clarified the rules surrounding this process.
  • We are removing the $10,000 funding limit for large events. Events requesting funding still need to keep requests in line with their size and scope, but we will now accept larger requests. Events requesting review at the March 2019 GSM will still be subject to the limit.

We’ve posted this document publicly to get your feedback before we vote to adopt these rules at the next GSM, which will occur on March 9, 2019. As you read through the rules proposal please send questions, concerns, or other feedback to the staff via email.

Smaller community issues

  • The lake near Sunshine Coast has been officially named Lake Thanos and numbered Lake 30.
  • The staff have approved a new titled position, and as of now I (chiefbozx) am Administrator and Staff Meetings Coordinator.
  • While not an official title, we designated Tom_Pairs the “Minester of Forin Afers” at some point during the meeting.
  • We also had to send in the Spawn City Fire Brigade to extinguish some fires in Spawn Station on the old world.

1.13 update

We’re continuing to monitor the Minecraft 1.13 update and its breaking changes, and we’ve been using the beta server to test some plugins and verify compatibility. As of now the beta server is still whitelisted to staff only, but we are making progress.

Right now we are waiting on Multiverse and CoreProtect to become 1.13 compatible before we begin public testing. Additionally, there will be migration issues with EasyElevator and PVPArena:

  • EasyElevator (EElevator) has been deprecated for a while and it’s honestly still amazing that it even works on 1.12. The 1.13 update breaks it entirely and we will not be carrying it forward. Buildings using elevators will need to replace them with Lifts.
  • The PVPArena plugin has been causing issues and we suspect isn’t compatible with 1.13. We’re looking for alternatives, but for now don’t expect all of the PVP arenas to migrate in a fully-functioning state.

We’ll let you know of the update progress if we’re able to make any headway. For now, note that there is a moratorium on new plugin suggestions until the 1.13 update is installed and stabilized on the main server.

New Premiers

We reviewed six candidates for Premier and approved two: congratulations to Cact0 of Sunshine Coast, and Earack of Lanark! Cact0’s acceptance speech was as follows:

Thanks to everyone who’s built Sunshine Coast. It’s been great being with this community for the short time I’ve been here over the last months I’ve worked on the city, and I think it’s really paid off. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.

Cact0, Mayor of Sunshine Coast

It has been a great three years on the server. I never would have expected that I would reach the top rank (other than staff) back when I joined in late 2015. This is a great community full of very nice people and incredible cities, and I am glad to have been a part of it!

Earack, Mayor of Lanark

Roads, Projects, and Transfers, Oh My!

Premier city reviews and the conclusion of the Rules Revamp discussion took most of the meeting, so the rest were relatively quick. Here’s what happened!

  • The A246, proposed by FooteChicken to run from Farwater to Bawktown, has been approved.
  • The A12, proposed by Frosty_Creeper10 and frogggggg to run from Takasaki to Titsensaki, has been approved.
  • The A6 (originally the A746), proposed by LithiumMirnuriX to run from Janghwa to Birdhall, has been denied. We still have concerns over Lithium’s road quality and don’t want the mesa biome getting cut in half.
  • The B355, proposed by Majatho3 and imperial_block to run from Jungleville to Midjungle, has been approved under supervision: due to the sensitive terrain in the jungle biome we don’t want the road to be built in a way that creates massive land scars. Some staff will be on hand to supervise the construction as it progresses.
  • IsoMclaren proposed the B408-P, however this was denied as we need more information on the interchange with the A8 (specifically what kind of interchange will be used). Additionally, the road needs to be re-numbered in a way that starts with “8” and does not end in a letter. IsoMclaren can receive approval via email once these two issues are addressed.
  • hvt2011 proposed three service expansions to BluRail. We approved the expansion through Dabecco, but denied expansions to Xiiona (as there is currently no need to have service there or tracks beyond) and Birchwood (as there are alternative routings that can put tracks in other locations in the area).
  • KittyCat11231 proposed several expansions to IntraRail, and we approved all of the expansions and track permits that required staff attention, including a station at MRT Marina. We also applaud Kitty for sending an elaborate and clear proposal that was very easy for us to make a decision on.
  • The towns at C31 have been transferred to Hightech_TR.
  • The town of Voltsphere (A19/T24) has been transferred to ModernArt.
  • There’s a weird structure southwest of Thunderbird that tell276 supposedly owns. We have no idea what it is, but it’s decorminecraft’s problem now.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you in March!

Administrator and Staff Meetings Coordinator / Minister of Propaganda