We are updating to Minecraft 1.13.2!

Hi all,

After many months of waiting and testing, we are finally going to update the main Minecraft server to 1.13.2!

The update will begin at approximately 5:00 AM UTC (10 PM PDT / 1 AM EDT) on Monday, April 15th, about one hour after the server’s daily restart, and several hours after the end of the April GSM on April 14th. The update is expected to take at least a whole day or two in order for us to migrate our very large CoreProtect database and to ensure that there are no issues afterwards, so please expect the server to be closed on April 15th and 16th.

Be sure to keep an eye on Discord for announcements as the update is progressing. If the update ends up taking far more time or far less time than expected, then we will let you know. Beta server will remain open during the update, so feel free to hang out on there.

Also, be aware of the following plugin changes when we update:

  • EasyElevator has been removed as it is not compatible with 1.13. All EElevators will cease to work, and should be replaced with a Lift.
  • PVPArena has been removed as it is not compatible with 1.13. PVP matches will have to be run manually until PVPArena is updated or if we find a suitable replacement plugin.
  • VentureChat requires a reset of all player chat preferences in order to update. Players will need to restore some minor settings such as which chat channels they have joined.
  • BetterChairs has been replaced with Rifle’s Chairs, which has better 1.13 support. Functionality between the two plugins is roughly equivalent.
  • uCars seems to be working fine with 1.13, so no issues or changes are expected with this plugin.

Finally along with the update, we will be introducing a new “map” world to allow players to build map item layouts in-game. The world will be divided for each map in separate square plots, available on a first-come first-serve basis. The map world spawn will also have an archive of maps in item frames for easy retrieval and use. We would still prefer that players send map files to admins for upload, as that ensures that map will be stored in a more permanent manner on the server, but the ability to make your own maps in-game on the map world will be available as an alternate option.

If you have any questions about the update, feel free to email staff or ask them in Discord.