A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

We are now on Minecraft 1.13.2!

Hi all,

This is a quick post to inform you guys that the main server has been successfully updated to Minecraft 1.13.2!

In addition, PVPArena is now back on the server and working with 1.13.2!

However, please be aware of the following known issues when playing on the server:

  • We have been experiencing occasional random restarts of the server of which we do not know the exact cause. These restarts happen without warning, but fortunately they appear to save all server data gracefully, so you shouldn’t have to worry about losing any recent changes. Staff are currently investigating this issue, so if you do encounter a sudden restart, please let us know immediately.
  • WorldEdit is working nominally, except in cases where schematics that were made with Minecraft versions older than 1.13 are causing significant lag when being pasted into the server. Please keep this in mind when asking for a schematic paste, and the staff member may postpone your paste if the TPS becomes too low.
  • Please note that several 3rd-party client tools and mods do not yet have versions that are compatible with 1.13.2. These include, amongst others: Schematica, Optifine for Forge, Replay Mod, and WorldEditCUI.

We have also opened the new map world! You can visit it by going through the portal at spawn. With the introduction of this world, the weekly dynmap render schedule has been changed to one world per weekday, with all renders starting at 1:05 am Eastern Time:

  • Mondays: Map World
  • Tuesdays: Lab World
  • Wednesdays: Old World
  • Thursdays: Games World
  • Fridays: Space World

The New World will continue to be rendered only twice per year in full, in addition to more frequent local renders upon request.

If you have any questions about the update, or would like to report an issue that we may have missed, please do let us know. Thank you all for your patience during this update, and we hope to see you on the server.