Dynmap render in progress; space world temporarily removed

Hi all,

Our spring dynmap render is in progress, and both the flat daytime and flat nighttime maps have rendered in full. You can explore them at dynmap.minecartrapidtransit.net as usual. The render is still in progress as we now need to render the 3D map, so the moratorium on WorldEdits and local renders is still in effect.

In the process of rendering the flat map, the size of the world files increased by about 12% as a side effect of the 1.13 migration’s change in file structure. Specifically, chunks that had not been visited since the migration were updated when Dynmap passed over them. This put us dangerously close to the space limit on the disk used by Minecraft.

To alleviate this and allow the render to finish, the space world has been temporarily removed. We believe this has freed enough space to allow the render to finish without requiring further intervention. We may bring back the space world at a later date, however this would require us to reallocate disk space and RAM, and therefore would require us to restart the physical machine, which takes a few minutes and will render all services offline temporarily. If we do decide to carry out this operation, we will announce it in Discord well in advance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we hope you enjoy the newly rendered maps!

<3, Chief