A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

September 2019 GSM Results

Hey everyone! The September 2019 GSM has ended, and it was probably the shortest one we’ve ever done. Here’s what happened!

Local trams and monorails are exempt from vehicle presence rules

Effective immediately, trams and monorails are no longer required to be physically present at every stop. You are encouraged to have them at some stops along the route, however this is not required.

Please note that the designations of “tram” and “monorail” are only applicable to local lines (those that stay within approximately one or two cities). Lines that travel long distances or are not intended for local transportation will be more likely to be classified as “warp rail” lines, which are still subject to vehicle presence requirements.

Warp placement restrictions will only apply to air vehicles

Last GSM we decided to impose limits on the number and placement of warps for transit vehicles. After some concerns were raised by members, we have decided to only enforce those restrictions for airplanes, helicopters, and seaplanes. As a result, the rules are as following:

  • Air vehicles are limited to six destinations (where “destination” refers to a specific airplane, helicopter, or seaplane; multiple warps can be in the same vehicle and count as one destination), and warp signs to said destinations must be inside the vehicle.
  • All other vehicle types have no restriction on the number of warps or destinations that can be served, and warps can be placed anywhere on or in the vehicle.

As with the changes to vehicle presence requirements noted above, these changes take effect immediately.

Thank you to the dozens of members who brought this proposal to us; we appreciated hearing your concerns and we hope this is an amicable solution.

Other small issues

  • We reviewed a proposal to allow ferries to be used to move buses or trains along their lines. While we appreciate that these sorts of things do exist in the real world, we have decided not to allow this. We would instead recommend building interchange stations for passengers to easily change between bus, ferry, and train connections.
  • We reviewed a proposal to build an area known as Memorial Park in Central City, and create a tour of the new world, so that new players can get acquainted with what has been built. Neither of these things require staff approval to be carried out, so no action was taken.

Roads and Rails

  • The B58 from San Vantino to Dand, proposed by sesese9, has been approved.
  • The B228 from Mounty to Lapis Bay, proposed by caillou15, has been approved.
  • A warp rail line from Central City to Sylvania and ATC, proposed by AppleGamer123, has been partially approved.
    • The section between Central City and P4-V4 has been approved on the condition that the track runs underground through P4-V4.
    • The section from P4-V4 to Sylvania has been denied as the line runs too close to Lochminehead, for which AppleGamer123 does not have permission.
    • The section from Sylvania to ATC Airport has been denied for the same reason.
  • A warp rail line from Aquamarine Bay to Dekuville, proposed by dragonbloon419, has been approved.
  • The B825 and an accompanying warp rail line from Skogheim to Westplein via Skyanii Springs and Mojang Town, proposed by SuperSamuel25, have been approved.
  • An extension of the B431 from Scarborough to Rockham, proposed by Aldranster50, has been approved.

Inactive Asset Transfers

  • While not officially requested as an IAT, P4-V4 has been transferred to AppleGamer123.
  • The town of Xiiona has been transferred to frogggggg.
  • Ignis Nation / Project Lifetime has been transferred to SuperSamuel25.
  • The town of Aurora (XE29) has been transferred to AlphaDS.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you around!

<3, Chief