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Zeta Server Migration Status

Status of all MRT Services as of:Saturday, February 29, 5:00 PM UTC Epsilon Minecraft Server: OFFLINE forever 🙁 Zeta Minecraft Server: ONLINE – GO GO GO Mumble: ONLINE OpenTTD: ONLINE Status Page: ONLINE Website: ONLINE Wiki: ONLINE Dynmap: ONLINE File Server: ONLINE

The Zeta Server and Migration Master Post

Hi everyone, This post contains the answers to almost all of your questions regarding the new Zeta Server and the upcoming migration of all MRT services towards it. If you have a further question or concern that isn’t covered by this post, feel free to ask a staff member on […]

February 2020 GSM Results

Hello everyone! The February 2020 GSM has concluded, and with it the GSM series for Epsilon. We will be posting information about our Zeta migration in the next few days, so please continue to check back for updated information on that migration. If you missed the meeting’s public portion, MBS […]