Changes in automatic kick timeout

Hey everyone,

With traffic expected to increase over the coming weeks and Minecraft 1.15 still being a basket case with regards to performance, we are making a small change to our Essentials plugin configuration:

All players below the rank of Administrator will be automatically kicked after being marked as AFK for 15 minutes.

We are leaving the automatic AFK marker in place after 5 minutes of inactivity. This policy will remain in place until traffic lightens and performance improves. Please don’t ask us when that will be; admins will make the decision to revert back to a 60-minute kick when we believe we are ready to do so.

This means:

  • Players who are idle for five minutes are automatically marked as AFK. You can manually mark yourself as AFK with the /afk command. To remove your AFK marker, simply move around, say something in chat, or run a command other than /afk (the /ping command works well).
  • Players who are idle for 20 minutes will be kicked.
  • Administrators are exempt from automatic kicks, though should still disconnect themselves if they will be away from the server for more than a few minutes.
  • Remember that kicks do not count against you in terms of our warning and ban policy. This is simply being adjusted to better manage performance and traffic.

We hope that this change will help keep server resources available for longer and provide a better player experience. As always, please let an admin know if you have questions.

<3, Chief