May 2020 ISM Results

And now for something completely different just like most of our other website posts, but hopefully shorter! We held our first Infrastructure Staff Meeting on May 31, and here’s what came out of it.

Roads and rails

  • 0x10 has been granted permission to expand the Central City Heliport.
  • Pretzel33 has been granted permission to build the B33 (great name choice), so long as the landscape along the route is respected.
  • FredTheTimeLord has been granted permission to start construction on the Peacopolis Canal – this was discussed at the May GSM, but it lacked permissions at the GSM. Now that everyone’s on board, we’re happy to let construction begin.
  • hvt2011 has been granted permission to build a BluRail tunnel that bypasses two inactive towns near Thunderbird.
  • CodyHM has been granted permission to extend the Southern Warp Rail line to New Dublinium, except that Ramona will need to approve the section between Arcadia and Kanto. A reminder to all: 4K rule waivers can be handled via email and don’t need GSM/ISM approval in and of themselves.


  • A hotel building competition (which will be a sequel to the Segav Sal competition) has been mostly approved. The event begins on July 1. We have approved reduced prizes, pending a few logistical details:
    • time2makemymove may begin preparing the competition venue.
    • The rules need to be rewritten, ideally in a tone similar to how the server rules are presented (meaning capital letters and mentions of disqualification should be limited as much as possible)
    • The voting system may need to be redesigned, as we believe there is a high chance that the proposed voting system could be used to manipulate the results.
    • The first place prize has been reduced to $4,000. All other prizes will be awarded as proposed.
    • All participants must be permitted to copy their hotels to their towns.
  • A series of small sporting events in Pretzel33’s town of Prismarine on June 20 have been funded in full.
  • Prizes for the MLS Shoveler’s Cup have been funded in full.
  • Prizes for the 16th, 17th, and 18th TacoBurritoAThon events have been funded in full. These will take place on June 6, June 21 (02:00 UTC; June 20 in US time zones), and July 11.
  • A bridge building contest, organized by Conductor_, has been funded in full. This contest begins at noon UTC on June 1.
  • The DesertSun Expo, proposed by Vulpine_Master, has been funded in full. Exhibitor construction begins on June 19.

Inactive Asset Transfers

  • The town of Siletz has been transferred to time2makemymove.
  • The town of Heampstead has been transferred to ManuF_moj, provided the border of Gemstride is clearly established.

That’s all for the ISM – it seems like it’s gone well, so we’ll be continuing these in the coming months! The next regularly scheduled staff gathering will be on Sunday, June 14 for a full GSM.

To those in the US or in cities abroad where protests are abundant, stay safe. If you know anyone who lives in Minneapolis/Saint Paul or any other city where particularly large protests are happening, please check in on them. Otherwise, we’ll see you around!

<3, Chief