Happy 1.16!

…But don’t update your game yet!

Minecraft 1.16 is set to hit launchers within the next 24 hours. While a lot of us are certainly excited to get the new features onto the MRT – especially the new blocks, redstone changes, and performance improvements – it will likely be a while before we update our primary server.

For those of you who are new, we typically update to new major Minecraft versions about three months after their initial release, if at all (we skipped 1.14 completely, for example). This timeline varies considerably based on the complexity of the update process on our plugins and core software. As such, we won’t be able to give an estimate on our update timeline until we get closer to being ready to update.

Please do not pester staff with questions about the update timeline. Frumple and I will provide announcements here, via Discord, and as Section 4D statements at GSMs as new information becomes available.

Thanks all!

<3, Chief