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July 2020 GSM Results

The MRT is now 8 years old! Every year we comment how it’s hard to believe how long we’ve been around, but it’s true. Thank you to everyone for continuing to visit and make the MRT such an awesome place! We had our July GSM a few days ago, and […]

Additional Admin Updates

Happy anniversary everyone! We’d like to announce two changes to the administration team that have taken place since the ASM last week. Firstly, Tom_Pairs has stepped down from the administrator rank after serving as an admin for well over six years. Tom will continue to serve the staff as a […]

July 2020 ASM Results

Surprise!!! The admins held an Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM) today, and we have some news to share! (Background for new members: Administrative Staff Meetings are called about twice or three times a year to address specific issues, people, and big-picture and technical decisions for the server as a whole. ASMs […]

MRT 8th Anniversary Events

The MRT will celebrate its eighth anniversary on Monday, July 13, 2020, and the calendar is chock full of events – both official and member-organized. Please join us to celebrate eight years of creativity, cities, connections, and community over the coming weeks! This list may be updated by administrators if […]

June 2020 ISM Results

The June 2020 Infrastructure Staff Meeting has come and gone, and with it we have some exciting news to share! The Lakeshore Line exists godzilltrain has received approval to begin construction of the Lakeshore Line! While I will admit to once using this name on the Marina Shuttle, the name […]