A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

June 2020 ISM Results

The June 2020 Infrastructure Staff Meeting has come and gone, and with it we have some exciting news to share!

The Lakeshore Line exists

godzilltrain has received approval to begin construction of the Lakeshore Line! While I will admit to once using this name on the Marina Shuttle, the name will now be used for a fully-fledged line running west from Chalxior.

ZN35 through ZN46 have been re-numbered to Lakeshore stations L3-L14 (stations L1 and L2 are built as separate transfer platforms to ZN33 and ZN34). The numbers will be reused in several months with a Zephyr Line extension that proceeds directly north from its current location.

In future ISMs, MRT lines will continue to be discussed, but as the last item on the agenda due to the complex nature of the items. All future ISMs will run in section order 7-8-9-10-6, just like the June ISM did.

The map of the Lakeshore Line is below. As always, starting a new town along this route isn’t allowed until the line opens.

The Lakeshore Line’s route as approved at the June 2020 ISM.

Other transport projects

  • The B1903 has been re-numbered to B7903.
  • 0x10 has been granted permission to build uwurail tunnels near inactive towns at SW18 and SW24, as well as the town of Stormhold.
  • The B22, proposed to run from Titsensaki to Ottia Islands via Heaven City and Craftsville, has been denied. frogggggg and Oshawott_12 can re-propose this road at the July GSM by requesting an inactive town bypass at the closest island along the way.


All of the events submitted to this ISM were funded in full:

  • Survivor 4, by daltdisneyland
  • The Amazing Glitch 2, by CodyHM
  • Assassins, by wipeout111

We’ll be posting these to the events calendar and in Discord, and would love to see you there!

IAT and Other

We only had one IAT to review, and one other topic to review.

  • The IAT for ZN36 (now L4) has been denied, as Amber_Pine is still reachable via Discord. KyleFrb should attempt to make contact with Amber_Pine before resubmitting.
  • godzilltrain has been granted permission to add emergency exits to MRT stations in inactive towns.

Thanks all!

<3, Chief