September 2020 ISM Results

The September 2020 ISM has come and gone, and here’s what happened!

  • A TuxCart tournament, organized by underscorepie, has been funded in full. This is the first entirely non-Minecraft event we’ve approved funding for, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes.
  • The town of Chestwick (A18) has been transferred to ModernArt.
  • The town of Grafton has been split: the eastern segment has been transferred to PaintedBlue, and the western segment has been transferred to EtihadMan.
  • Siletz Central Airlines has been transferred to frogggggg.
  • The Taiga Line Extension 2 (TLX2) from T50 to T58 has been opened. Station applications for T55 and T57 were awarded to SansNotLuigi and moose_52, respectively.
  • The community town of Jimbo has been granted permission to build facilities for up to two helicopter-class vehicles to land (these could be helicopters, airships, blimps, etc).
  • A request to rename Lake 32 to “Neobaltic Sea” was denied.
  • VickiTori_ has been granted permission to start building the Western North Extension 1 (WNX1) from WN30 to Aston. The route map is included below.
Western Line North Extension 1

That’s all for now, we’ll see you around!

<3, Chief