A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

October 2020 GSM Results

Hi all! Sese on the propaganda this time. First for everything and there’s a lot to unpack from this GSM so buckle up, folks!

Given the events from the past week, people have released various statements. In addition, people have provided more evidence of various players breaking server rules. One thing of evidence was a groupchat between MRT members in 2018, originally on the creation of an airline alliance. This groupchat would later be used as informal communication between the members. In this chat, members of this chat shared personal information of a member on the MRT and harassed said member behind their back.

This evidence, combined with what we have, is now being reclassified as “inconclusive” in determining who was responsible for the 2018 doxxing incident, specifically in the initial finding of information. Because of this, we are rescinding _Kastle’s double warning and retracting our original charges and an apology has been issued to _Kastle for our earlier decision based on weak evidence. We are keeping _Kastle’s termination in place however, so he won’t be able to return to the staff.

Three members will be receiving indefinite bans because of explicit and egregious harassment: woorich999, camelfantasy, and Frosty_Creeper10.

time2makemymove will be receiving a double warning for making highly disrespectful comments towards certain members, and for standing by the more egregious harassment from the other three.

New Mod Process and Current Staff Audit

In light of all the staffing changes, a new moderator nomination process was unveiled at the GSM. This is in effect now so you can nominate people for moderator for the November GSM.

Here’s the highlights:

  • All submitted moderator nominations will be shown on the public portion of the GSM agenda. These nominations can be of any quality or detail, however it is strongly encouraged to have screenshots or chat logs.
  • When a member has received 2 nominations, they will be asked by staff if they are actually interested in the position. If they are, they will remain on the list of nominees and be subject to any and all feedback from other members and staff. Otherwise, they will be removed from consideration.
  • Members have the option to be removed from any future consideration for the moderator position at any time.
  • Moderator nominations will now close 1 week before the GSM, instead of the usual deadline for all other topics 2 days before.
  • During the 1 week before the GSM, members and staff will be given the chance to submit additional feedback (positive or negative) on the candidates. Separate temporary Discord channels will be made for discussing each candidate, while #forum will remain open for discussion of all other GSM topics.
  • All nominations and feedback cannot be submitted anonymously.
  • All members and staff will be responsible for addressing and reacting to all feedback in a civil and respectful manner. Those that cannot maturely give or receive such feedback may be given warnings.
  • Frumple retains the power to veto any moderator candidates that he does not think would be a good fit for the staff team. If Frumple chooses to veto, he will notify members and staff and provide a reasoning for the veto.

Staff will openly discuss the candidates in the public portion, but they will still make the final decision on whether to promote or reject a candidate. A candidate must receive a simple 50% majority of “For” votes from staff, and they must not receive more than 2 “Against” votes.

Here’s a timeline for how the new process will work:

New Moderator Nomination Timeline

In addition to the process for new mods, we also decided on a audit system for current staff. Similar to the new moderator nomination process, you can submit positive/negative feedback over a current staff member to Frumple. We don’t expect any staff changes from this but we will use the feedback as a way to improve.

Below are the weeks where each staff member will be up for review.

Week Staff Up for Review
October 17 – 23 Frumple, chiefbozx, godzilltrain, unjinz, mineman
October 24 – 30th Sesese9, megascatterbomb, Cynra_, Vulpicula
October 31st – November 6th MinecraftYoshi26, AP_Red, VickiTori, Tom_Pairs
November 7th – November 13th New Moderator Candidates Up for Consideration
Staff Audit Timeline

Main Server Update to 1.16.4

Main server will be updating soon to 1.16.4. Beta is up currently to test but so far we haven’t had any major issues except one:

  • ArmorStandTools is not compatible with 1.16 and will be disabled when we update. Current armor stands will still exist (verified on beta) and we are evaluating possible replacements at this time.

Discord Updates

We had quite a few proposals about discord channels and we opted to make a few of them into survey questions in order to gauge members opinion.

One change has already been implemented: #events has been split into #event-announcements and #event-discussion. This was due to lots of side discussion happening in #events drowning out announcements. This allows people to set notifications on for #event-announcements without worry of spammed notifications.

The following survey questions have been posted in Discord as of this post:

  • Do you approve of adding a new #memes Discord channel, dedicated for memes separate from random talk/posts in #random channel?
  • Do you approve of adding a #history Discord channel, for the discussion of IRL history. Alternatively, do you approve of adding an #irl-general channel instead, for the discussion of IRL topics that don’t belong in any other IRL channel?
  • Do you approve of adding a permanent slowmode to #media channel and/or splitting #media channel into two channels for announcements and discussion?


BillionPenny483 proposed a Uniform Road Signage System for A and B roads on the MRT. We declined this proposal since we felt that road builders should not be punished if they don’t sign a road. Now, any signage is better than none at all. Other players have created signage all across the MRT to use.

  • If you want to update the signage on an A road, email staff to get approval.
  • If you want to update the signage on a B road, contact the road owner to get approval.

New Extension Opening

godzilltrain has opened the Expo East Extension 2 from Bawktown South (XE42) to East Mesa (XE52). All stations except the previously mentioned along the route are open for claiming and subject to normal claiming rules.

Wew. *wipes forehead* I think that’s all. If you have any questions, staff are always here so don’t hesitate to reach out. For me, let me know your thoughts on how I did this edition of propaganda as I will be helping write them in the future.

– Sese