October 2020 ISM Results

We did it! We successfully speedran a staff meeting – today’s ISM was open and closed in 1 minute, 4 seconds! In that time we approved:

  • An inactive town bypass for Fred Rail at the town of Toshi Town.
  • An extension to the B287 between Malosa and Turtle City.
  • An inactive asset transfer of C92 Station to Cynra_.
  • Renaming Lake Victoria to the Victorian Sea.
  • Renaming Lake 53 to Piccolo Lake.

Looking ahead to the next few meetings, which we will not speedrun:

  • Moderator nominations for the November GSM will close at 19:00 UTC on Saturday, November 7. Because of how the weekends line up, you’ve got a couple weeks to submit them this time around. Thank you to everyone who has submitted them so far – we’ve received several already, and one person submitted nine nominations in one email, so we’re certainly looking forward to the new process!
  • As more countries will be switching to or from Daylight Saving Time over the coming weeks, please double check what time the meeting will be in your local time zone. The meeting and all deadlines are at 19:00 UTC on the appropriate days.
  • We will have an ISM on November 28, however our December ISM (which was scheduled for December 27) has been cancelled. Our final staff meeting of the year will be the December General meeting on December 13. Please plan ahead if you have any year-end events or projects you’d like us to review.

<3, Chief