A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

November 2020 GSM Results

Hiya, Sese here! And with that, it’s time for the news from the November 14th GSM.

Yellow Gang (New Premier)

This GSM, we reviewed the town of Oparia for Premier. With a vote of 8 For and 0 Against, kyyl joins the rank of Premiers on the server. He had this to say at the GSM:

I joined the MRT for the first time on the 2nd of April, 2020. I was really bored during COVID and after looking at 3 city maps, I thought, “maybe there are some servers for this kind of thing.” I’ve spent my time here for a little over seven months, and it has been fun (most) of the ride. This, no matter what the results at the GSM are, has been one of the fun parts. One of the reasons I’ve really stuck around here has been the community. I’ve made connections here that I definitely could not have done just strolling down the street, and I’m really grateful for that. But this isn’t about my belonging (which will be discussed in approximately 15 minutes), it’s about my city. I really loved making Oparia from the start to the finish. EliteNeon was the first person to come to Oparia, setting up a wooden dock at my Downtown for easy access to his town of New Mackinaw as well as to what would have been the RoE Capital. From then on, Oparia grew to have 160 buildings to this date, and that growth even astonishes me. It astonishes me because I’m really not that creative. I love following a format and just doing the same thing over and over again, Oparia looks like to a small extent, but there’s also a lot of original design and good builds there that I’ve ended up quite proud of. Oparia really has been quite the project and this has been quite the server to do it on. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for moderator nominations!

Gold Gang (New Mods!)

As we mentioned in the past GSMs/ISMs, this GSM featured the new moderator nomination process. We had 4 candidates who were up for debate at this GSM. Out of that, 2 were promoted. Congrats to kyyl/KyleFrb and daltdisneyland! Click below to see all of the candidates we discussed and candidates who received one nomination. Remember that candidates need 2 nominations to be discussed at GSMs/discord review channels.

Server Updates

On November 17th, Main server has updated to 1.16.4! Make sure to update your launchers if you haven’t connected to the server since the update. Some new things include:

  • GSit has replaced RFChairs
    • /lay to lie down and make snoring sounds
    • /crawl to crawl around
    • You can sit on other people now!
  • //setbiome and //regen don’t make the server panic so admods can do them now by request
  • You can now use your scroll wheel to select floors on a Lift. Right click on a [Lift] sign with no item to enable it. The old way of clicking a sign with an item still works.

Frumple has cancelled planning the survival server due to the events of October and the influx of new staff who will need onboarding. That isn’t to say that it will never happen but won’t happen for the foreseeable future.

Now, on to the other proposals at the GSM!

Rule Changes

Some rule changes are on the horizon based on two proposals that Frumple showed at the GSM.

First off, we will be adding Rule #13 (centered around voicechat conversations):

13. Do not record voicechat conversations without consent.Recording public events such as staff meetings and member events are exempt. Also, any voicechat evidence presented to staff or for moderator feedback will be dismissed unless it is particularly egregious or illegal.

Second, staff have decided to take a pro-LGBT, anti-racist, anti-sexist stance. Based on current climate around us, we believe that everyone should be comfortable and that should apply to this server. Staff members will be expected to enforce the rules against any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. In short, treat each other with respect. Or as Bill and Ted said “be excellent to each other and party on!”. Official wording for this one is still being worked on by Frumple and will be updated on the main site in the future.

Community Topics

Godzilltrain proposed moving the Premier City voting to the Public Portion of GSM. This was discussed for a good chunk of time but ended up with no changes to the current process due to worries over members messing with staff during a vote.

We accepted a proposal from kyyl and CodyHM to add pronoun roles such as he/him, she/her, and they/them. You can add them to your discord profile through the #selfassign-roles channel on discord.

kyyl submitted a proposal to increase the recommended build count for Governor to 80. Based on feedback from members and staff, the decision was made to raise it to 70 so it still has a curve from Senator to Governor to Premier.

sasha9076 proposed adding @media and @event roles to discord so people wouldn’t have to use @everyone pings. This was denied based on the media/events channel setup we have currently. You can set your notifications for certain messages and pings by channel in Discord. If you have any questions on how to discord, ask an admod and we will gladly help you out!

Central City Revamp

There has been a lot of talk around changes to Central City. This GSM featured a proposal from wipeout111 to remove old buildings (mainly buildings with incomplete exteriors) and open new plots for construction. This sparked a lot of constructive conversation between the community. For now, we tabled this proposal for now to allow AP_Red to conduct an inventory of what builds we currently have in Central City. With this information, we can better evaluate the situation of all builds in Central City.

In addition, CentralLink Metro is currently amid a renovation by multiple members. AP_Red is heading this up with multiple members so contact him if you would like to renovate a CentralLink Metro station!

Roads? Roads!

B97 from Fuxemburg to Beachview was approved.

B845 from Roadonia to Birchwood was approved.

A12 bypass/reproposal was approved

B53 from Redwood to Metromso was approved.

Hold my Taco for my Burrito

XIX TacoBurritoAThon was approved. Tentative dat is Saturday, December 12th at 19:00 UTC. It will be held in Hendon with Skelezomperman and LondonThameslink heading it up. Message Skele if you want to participate!

Is It Cold in Here or Just Me?

Brrrr, Arctic line extension has been completed from Snowtopic (A32) to Kaloro City – Pine Park (A53). With it being opened, all stations are currently claimable!

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap on all of the fun stuff. Stay safe and wash your hands

– Sese