A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

November 2020 ISM Results

Winter is coming! (…Well, for those in the Northern Hemisphere. And it honestly feels like it’s been winter for about 15 years at this point. And good lord why does it get dark so early?) As another month has come to a close, let’s round up what we discussed at the Infrastructure Staff Meeting on November 26. Apologies that these results are so delayed!

Transport projects

We had eleven transport projects to review this time around. Eleven. Y’all were busy. So here’s what we talked about and what’s been cleared.

Approved projects

  • Modifications to the northeast corner of the A0
  • The B42 from East New Brazil to Marisol
  • The B209 from Encinitas to San Diego and Solana Beach
  • An inactive town bypass at Lawrenceville
  • The CentraLink Metro E Line in Central City (I have taken over administration of this project to ensure that stations are being built with high-quality interiors)
  • Phase One of the A360 Zeta Ring Road
  • The B288 from Malosa to Tulipsburg
  • A BluRail inactive town bypass at Bearainstein

Other outcomes

  • A proposed addition/extension to the B22 was partially approved: while the previously-set conditions were met, we have concerns about terraforming along the existing road. We have partially approved joining the islands together in Ottia Islands and signing the segment as the B22.
  • An inactive town bypass that would have allowed the A1 to tunnel under Chalxior was denied as the town currently does not have a mayor. This can be re-proposed once ownership is settled.
  • The B84 from Las Playas to Ardaman was denied as frogggggg already has an active B-road project that we’d like to see finished first, the terraforming issues mentioned in the B22 project, and the road is going to an unranked town (generally this last point isn’t an issue on its own, though).


  • Prize amounts for the MRT Video Contest were adjusted downwards to account for a slightly smaller participant pool.
  • Prize amounts for the MRT Transit Awards, organized by PtldKnight and Skelezomperman, were increased and approved.
  • LondonThameslink has been approved and received funding to hold another Pub Quiz.
  • A spleef tournament in Rockham was approved with full funding.


  • The MRT Taiga Line extension to the Lakeshore Line was approved, on the condition that the future T59 station will require an IAT, but will not be regenerated.
  • Holiday ranks are now active and will remain so until December 31. They are:
    • Guest: Mistletoe
    • Member: Snow
    • Citizen: Icicle
    • Trustee: Bauble
    • Councillor: Tinsel
    • Mayor: Present
    • Senator: Wreath
    • Governor: Holly
    • Premier: Star
    • Moderator: Nutcracker
    • Administrator: Candy Cane
    • Owner: Socc

The next GSM is on Sunday, December 13, with topics due at 19:00 UTC on December 11. As there is no Infrastructure Staff Meeting in December, this is the final full-staff meeting of the year. The next meeting after this one will be a General meeting on Saturday, January 9, so if you have events or projects you’d like reviewed, please submit them sooner than later.

<3, Chief