A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

January 2021 ISM/ASM Results

Oh hey! ISM was today and bonus, an ASM too!

ASM Updates

After the ISM, we had a quick ASM. First one I get to write about so here we go!

godzilltrain has stepped down from his administrator role on January 28. A link to his resignation can be found here:

The title of Staff Meeting Coordinator (Chief’s title apart from Head Admin) is being removed since Chief/Frumple have already split the duties between themselves.

megascatterbomb has re-assumed the title of City Ranks Coordinator (Godz’s former title) as he has prior knowledge of running the system.

sesese9 (oh hey, that’s me) will assume the role of Press Secretary. I’m officially in charge of writing up da propaganda for GSMs/ISMs. In addition, I’ll be doing the Q&A next GSM (hehe).

And now, onto the ISM news!

On the Road Again

Quite a few roads were proposed this ISM and they were all approved. Here’s the rundown:

B9 (Starcubed)

A892 (CodyHM and fwisamongus)

A980 (Sasha9076)

I Sea You There

We also had a few water based transport projects proposed this time.

sixhundredcats has been approved for a seaplane base in Chansee on either Lake A or B in her proposal. If she uses Lake A, staff would like to see it expanded to make it more realistic.

time2makemymove‘s Lake 18-Elecna Bay Canal has been approved.

It’s Free Real Estate

I mean, not really but here’s the Inactive Asset Requests that we received/reviewed.

Racer395 has been approved to take over the B38 (both in finishing the road and extending to his town of Harmony Grove). However, we denied his request to IAT the town of Draton. Racer can request an IAT again in the future, pending Harmony Grove grows more.

time2makemymove has been granted full control of SkyTrans. Originally sent in as a caretaker request, staff deemed it would be easier to have 1 point of contact to deal with SkyTrans.

Go West!

VickiTori has opened the Western North Extension. 2 stations have been granted to:

  • WN38 -> cosmon
  • WN49 -> CyAmethyst

The rest of the stations have either been allocated to pre-existing towns or are open for claiming.

A La Carte

autobus22‘s proposal to move WN11 a little to the west was approved. This was approved and Chief will work with auto on making it happen.

Skelezomperman requested funding for a Spleef Tournament in Mons Pratus. This was approved. Skele has already opened signups through Discord in #event-announcements and will occur on February 21, 2021 at 7PM UTC

And that’s all, until the next one, see ya!