A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

February 2021 ISM Results

Happy Zeta Anniversary!! It’s been a year since we migrated to the Zeta Server and here’ s for more to come. We had the ISM today and it was fairly short. Let’s get right into it!

Aurora Borealis

TeamAurora proposed AIX again, citing expansion of their community town of Augusta and completion of the A84 (which is pretty nice, by the way). Given that those were the conditions set from staff from the February GSM, staff approved TeamAurora to submit AIX. AIX will undergo the standard size check all governor airports go under using the allocations from Carnoustie, Lakeborough, Augusta, Kaloro City, and Skogheim. Once approved from there, TeamAurora can start construction on the main MRT server. They have been working on it offline on another server so feel free to join their discord and ask them to get a glimpse of what’s coming.

The 280 to the 580 to the 101

Bay area road joke, I’m not sorry.

We had one road proposal from FLIPEK03 to build the B394 from the A4.

This proposal was denied due to staff concerns over uneven inclines between lanes and other inaccessibility concerns based off current roads in his town. FLIPEK03 is encouraged to look at other B roads on the server to get a feel of the standard that we are looking for concerning road construction. Staff also requested to see a sample of what the road will look like when constructed upon re-submission.

Cryptic Games

imperial_block requested event funding for his puzzle/escape room gameshow, The Game of Kryptos. This was approved and will occur on March 6th at 6PM UTC.

MinecraftYoshi26 requested event funding to produce another MRTvision Screenshot Contest. This will be the eighth occurrence and the finals will be held in Covina. Given the success of the last, this was also approved. Deadline to join is March 7th with the submission deadline being March 13th. Semi-final voting will begin following the closing of submissions and will be open for a week. Finals voting will open the week after and conclude with the final ceremony in Covina on April 3rd.

What if I say “Please?”

Staff had one Inactive Asset Transfer request from EliteNeon. Elite requested the town to the east of New Mackinaw (Name of town could not be found but was owned by threadychunk296). Staff denied this request over the lack of detail on Elite’s plans for the town should he be approved. Elite planned to start a new “GSM Town” but did not go into further detail aside from that. Staff raised a few concerns over whether there is community interest and asked Elite to check if the community are interested in that style of community town.

And that’s it! GSM submissions are still open for the March GSM on March 13th at 7PM UTC. Reminder that mod nominations are open too!

Until the next one, cya!

– Sese