A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

March 2021 GSM Results

Riding off into the Sunset

We start with an event that happened after the GSM. megascatterbomb has resigned from his position of Administrator as of March 13th. He sent the following letter to the Discord server announcing his resignation.

I encourage you to read the letter fully and make your own informed judgement. As a close friend, I wish him the best in his future endeavors and hope he succeeds. He will be missed on the server.

And now, onto our regularly scheduled GSM updates…

New Mods?

NameForNeutralAgainstDid Not VoteResult
Wipeout1117503Not Promoted
CodyHM1464Not Promoted
PaintedBlue0573Not Promoted
Weier4443Not Promoted

Like the table? Let me know if you want me to keep doing that in future posts/propagandas. But as you can see, none of the candidates were promoted. To clarify for everyone, our threshold to promote a candidate is 2/3 of staff present at the meeting (Did Not Votes do not count in the tally). For this GSM, that threshold was 8 (12 staff present) for which Wipeout was 1 short. All of these candidates can be re-nominated at the next GSM as they aren’t subject to cooldown yet.

Mod Nom Updates

Later in the GSM, we talked about updates to the Moderator Nomination process. We started talking about the quality of nominations that we have received since November 2020. kyyl proposed a nomination cooldown aimed to stop someone from repeatedly nominating a candidate. Staff went in a different direction and instead updated our standards of which we deem an acceptable nomination:

  • Nominations should have at least 1 form of evidence (in total for the nomination)
  • Nominations should mention each of the criteria and discuss how the candidate fulfills them

Should either of these not be fulfilled, staff have the right to deny the nomination. Given that we haven’t denied a nomination before, we then discussed the process for handling denied nominations. From community feedback during the GSM, we will add all denied nominations at the end of the Moderator Nominations Doc that we post all moderator nominations in for each respective GSM. This keeps the accountability of the process while also demonstrating the standard that staff are expecting for nominations.

Frumple proposed new guidelines on how a candidate can ask about a possible veto. Many in the community wanted to ask Frumple about whether he would veto their candidacy but Frumple was not able to give them an answer unless they had 2 moderator nominations. Thanks to some feedback from the community (mainly KittyCat11231), it was decided that the prospective candidate can ask Frumple, at any time, whether he would veto them. Once asked, Frumple will give them an answer and post the exact answer publicly (similar to his veto had worked before). Frumple created a graphic below to show the various statuses that a candidate can go through during the process.

Hanging Overseas

Staff had two event proposals, both from LondonThameslink, requesting for funding. They were both approved in full and are listed below. Staff wish London the best of luck with the prep and can’t wait to see the action/fun from it!

Name Date
London’s Pub Quiz: Go Forth Late March/Early April
MGA Easter Tournament March 28th at 7PM UTC

Fly-a-way Bus

CodyHM submitted an inactive transfer request of Hermes Bus, an inactive bus company from 3 years ago owned by Moriaofmines. This IAT was challenged by sesese9 to also takeover the company. Staff were torn over giving the company to either person and gave the ownership to sesese9 and requested that Sese talk to CodyHM about a possible ownership agreement between the two.

Setting Dawn

PtldKnight submitted an IAT for the town of Dawn (Circle Line Station C105), formerly owned by Beeskee. This was denied as Armada (Ptld’s town) is too far from Dawn to give a sufficient claim and there wasn’t a good enough reasoning given by Ptld to take over the town by itself.

Oh and one last thing, MRT Main and MRT Beta Minecraft servers will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on April 1st. None of the other MRT services will be affected, however. More information will be given as the date approaches.

And that’s it! It was a short meeting in terms of topics but lots of stuff did come out of it. Until the next one, see ya!