A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

March 2021 ISM Results

Oh would ya look at that. March is almost over! Here are the results from the March 2021 ISM.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

frogggggg and fork_07 proposed a network of roads (B221/B222/B223) in the Northern Peninsula near Titsensaki. They were given approval pending zb7 gives the thumbs up for their town.

Noahrebl_ requested to build a network of canals in the Northwestern area of the server. This plan was rejected for being too ambitious and not feasible given their record of leaving projects partly started. Staff suggested for Noah to ask Conric005 if they could take over the original canal that Conric had permission to finish (where S3 is on the map below). If Noah wants to do the other canals, it was suggested that they propose them one at a time.

PaintedBlue was given the approval to build the B4 from Cape Cambridge to Oceanside. The orange and yellow portions of the road were proposed and later, approved. Other sections of the road (in red) will be proposed later in the future.

Jonathan0930 proposed the B354, which would go from Beningbury through Yalebrook, Harmony Grove, and end in Hannibal (dashed green line on map below). This was denied over lack of detail on the map and concerns of the road quality with it being a proposed 4 lane road through the mountains. Staff asked for a more detailed map of the route and a sample of the road when Jonathan re-proposes the road again in the future.

Foote_Chicken proposed a small extension of the B246 from Bawktown to Kaleville. This was approved.

Is this thing on?

Staff approved two event funding grants!

The IllluminatiNoahrebl_Sometime in April
XX TacoBurritoAThonSkelezompermanMay 22nd

Can I haz plz?

We had a few Inactive Asset Transfers this ISM.

Missa_Solemnis requested the town of Tirivio (formerly owned by theDragon_37/loldop). Given the town’s close proximity to SW19, owned by ModernArt, staff asked Missa to ask Modern first if they are okay with Missa doing the IAT. Staff denied the IAT to allow Missa to resubmit once they have talked to Modern.

Foote_Chicken was given the town of Raymont (XE40)(formerly owned by TechAutoBlog).

CodyHM was given MRT Airlines (an airline formerly owned by LightningMC).

And that does it for this update! Remember to submit your topics/moderator nominations for the April 11th GSM. Until the next one, see ya!