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April 2021 ISM Results

We had a fairly short ISM so I’m gonna hit ya with the details… Rail’d autobus22 requested for a rules exception to run a rail ferry between Risima and Niwen. With his detailed proposal, it was approved. A more general rule has been proposed at the May GSM to allow […]

April 2021 GSM Results

Da Rules The meeting had quite a few rule changes/additions. This led to a lot of discussion around wording and handling of certain cases. 300/500 Block Rules Staff approved a proposal from Frumple to rewrite of the 300/500 block rules to revise the wording and clarify that you must contact […]

April Fools 2021 – The Purge

For this year’s April Fools, we are doing another “Purge” event (like the one before Zeta opened), where players can grief and blow up the worlds to their heart’s content. The differences this time is that this event will be held on the beta server, and we will have controlled […]