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Staff Change & Spring 2021 ASM Results

In addition to the May 2021 ISM, the administrators also held an Administrative Staff Meeting, which produced a few results of its own that we would like to share. The admins accepted one ban appeal, and made the following decisions on other items:

Inactivity proceedings initiated

Admins periodically review the activity levels of staff members, and we have recently noticed that a few moderators have either already crossed or are near our thresholds of “inactivity”. Because of this, we are initiating inactivity review proceedings with two moderators, and will monitor a few others over the coming month to determine if we need to expand our review.

For those who are fairly new, “initiating inactivity review proceedings” is a fancy way to say that the admins will be discussing activity status with the involved moderators one-on-one and determining what the likelihood is of that moderator to return to active status. Just because we have initiated proceedings does not mean that a specific moderator will be suspended for inactivity.

However, we are letting everyone know now so that if our conversations lead us to issue a suspension or for a moderator to step down for inactivity, that no one is caught off guard. We certainly don’t like to reduce our numbers (especially leading up to the busy summer season), but we do need to ensure that the players with access to staff tools are continuing to serve the community first and foremost, and active status is a critical component of that.

Speaking of moderators…

Reviewing the nomination process again

Ever since we first used the new moderator promotion process six months ago, we’ve been continuously making changes to have a better experience for everyone involved. We have regularly heard feedback from members that the requirements to submit a nomination are fairly high, and while we don’t want to lower our standards when it comes to the voting phase, we do want to make it easier for nominations to be considered.

We don’t have any specifics at this time, and any changes we make would take effect for the July GSM. However, we do recognize that this is a burdensome process (especially with regards to the collection of supporting evidence), and we are open to any suggestions or feedback that anyone is willing to share. If you have any recommendations, please let an admin know.

If you have a nomination you’ve been working on, the deadline to submit it for consideration at the next GSM is 7:00 pm UTC on Sunday, June 6 (a little over a week from now). We are in fairly high need of new moderators, especially for individuals outside of the Americas, so please send in nominations if you have them.

Yoshi has stepped down

Yesterday (unrelated to the ASM), MinecraftYoshi26 announced, and the remainder of the admins accepted, his resignation from the staff team effective immediately. Yoshi has stepped down so that he can spend time preparing to enter the workforce and pursuing other endeavors. Yoshi’s in-game rank has been set to Governor for his towns of Hummingbird Islands and Itokani. His resignation announcement is available in #announcements in Discord.

Yoshi has been with the server since the beginning and has instituted some of our most popular community events. From The Amazing Race to the MRTvision Screenshot Contests to spontaneous games of Bootleg Telephone, Yoshi has made some truly incredible contributions to the community, something that we are incredibly grateful for. While we certainly hope that other members and staff will bring similar large events to the server in the future, there is something special about the events that Yoshi has conducted that we don’t think anyone will be able to replicate to the same style, degree, and scale that Yoshi has while he has been on staff. We can’t thank Yoshi enough for everything that he has done for us, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

As a result of Yoshi’s departure (and the recent departures of godzilltrain and megascatterbomb), the admins are considering retiring the concept of “titled” positions, with the exception of Head Administrator. The Special Events Coordinator title will not be assigned to anyone at this time, partially because we hope that special events are run by a diverse group of members in the future.

Upcoming meeting schedule

We are making two adjustments to the meeting schedule:

  • The July GSM will be happening this year, and will occur on July 10.
  • The July ISM has been moved forward one week to Saturday, July 24.

Staff meetings in June and August are not affected and will occur on their usual dates.

Thanks everyone!

Head Administrator

May 2021 ISM Results

30 minutes. In and out. Let’s get right to it.

Moving on Up

Kingsnake proposed a reroute of the B58 which was approved. This reroute would make the spur from B58 to Veldburg renumber as B588 while the other part of the split would continue as B54. The part in red below will be signed as B58.

Kingsnake proposed an extension of A54 from Victoria to Rattlerville. This was partially approved from Victoria to B545 (new road that was approved with this). Staff wanted kingsnake to clarify their plans with the terrain (specifically a mountain near Rattlerville). Once that is cleared up, they can continue the rest of the road to Rattlerville.

Rattlerville continues to have more work with a river widening that was also approved to allow kingsnake to operate riverboats down the river.

CodyHM proposed an extension of their A892 project that will follow the Lakeshore Line. This was approved up to the split south of L5. Staff wanted a few more details on the need for it so Cody just needs to send an email to staff.

AlphaDS proposed an addition to their A245 project to include the B230 and upgrade it to A class standards to allow the A245 to connect to the A30. Red part being the current B230 that will be upgraded and signed as A245. This was approved.

B989 from HarborRandom852 was denied because they did not send a map of their route.

Inactive Things

autobus22 was approved to bypass an unnamed town by Yellowitcher near East Mesa and cgc747‘s town of Alki near L9.

sesese9 was approved to transfer Fort Yaxier from camelfantasy.

Miles of Rail

Skelezomperman has proposed to extend the Plains line from Hannibal to Caravaca. This was approved and construction has been started. As with all MRT extensions, stations aren’t available to claim until the line is completed.

And that’s it! I’ll see ya at the June 2021 GSM on June 13th.


May 2021 GSM Results

Time wise, we clocked in at roughly an hour, according to LondonThameslink. However, we covered quite a few changes and events at this GSM.

Rules be a Changing

Staff accepted a proposal from Frumple to change The Most Important Rule #3 to the following:

Staff reserve the right to take appropriate action for behavior or actions deemed unacceptable for the server and community, even if such behavior is not explicitly in violation of the server rules as written.

New text for the rule from Frumple’s proposal

Staff accepted a proposal from Frumple to reword our local vehicle exemption to the following:

Local train lines (including but not limited to: metros, trams, and monorails) that exist only within a city or other localized area are exempt from this requirement.

Written by Frumple and amended by autobus22

Following from the ferry exemption that was granted to autobus22 last ISM, Frumple has formalized that rule and it was approved by staff at the GSM. The rule reads will be added Transportation Rules – Boats and Ferries and reads:

4. Ferry lines that transport warp buses and warp trains can only be established with prior email approval from staff.

Written by Frumple

Mod Voting System Changes

From a member petition/proposal, staff accepted some new changes to how staff will vote on moderator candidates. The following are now in effect:

  • Supermajority (67%) has been lowered to simple majority (51%) approval for promotion.
  • Denying a candidate requires either 3 votes or 21% against, whichever is higher.

The proposal pulls in requirements that our older voting system (before October 2020) used to have with requiring a simple majority and trying to offset the power of a neutral vote. With the current system, a neutral vote can still be used to “deny” since it’s not counted in the majority. Effectively, counting the same way as an “Against” vote just like the actual Against vote. However, with lowering the rate to simple majority and changing the denial requirements, this can “neuter” that power and still be used as an actual neutral vote and not impact the outcome.

Hello, Freeway

Not really a freeway but Kingsnake has been approved to finish the B20 from Ellesume to AT.

Rolling in the Dough

Multiple events have been fully funded this GSM. Be on the lookout for them!

2021 MRT Summer GamesCape CambridgeJuly 4th – August 1st
Miu Wan Grand PrixMiu WanLate June – Mid July
MGA Bank Holiday TournamentWintersideWeekend of May 31st

And that’s all, folks. Make sure to send in your stuff for the May 29th ISM! I’ll see ya on the server!