A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

May 2021 GSM Results

Time wise, we clocked in at roughly an hour, according to LondonThameslink. However, we covered quite a few changes and events at this GSM.

Rules be a Changing

Staff accepted a proposal from Frumple to change The Most Important Rule #3 to the following:

Staff reserve the right to take appropriate action for behavior or actions deemed unacceptable for the server and community, even if such behavior is not explicitly in violation of the server rules as written.

New text for the rule from Frumple’s proposal

Staff accepted a proposal from Frumple to reword our local vehicle exemption to the following:

Local train lines (including but not limited to: metros, trams, and monorails) that exist only within a city or other localized area are exempt from this requirement.

Written by Frumple and amended by autobus22

Following from the ferry exemption that was granted to autobus22 last ISM, Frumple has formalized that rule and it was approved by staff at the GSM. The rule reads will be added Transportation Rules – Boats and Ferries and reads:

4. Ferry lines that transport warp buses and warp trains can only be established with prior email approval from staff.

Written by Frumple

Mod Voting System Changes

From a member petition/proposal, staff accepted some new changes to how staff will vote on moderator candidates. The following are now in effect:

  • Supermajority (67%) has been lowered to simple majority (51%) approval for promotion.
  • Denying a candidate requires either 3 votes or 21% against, whichever is higher.

The proposal pulls in requirements that our older voting system (before October 2020) used to have with requiring a simple majority and trying to offset the power of a neutral vote. With the current system, a neutral vote can still be used to “deny” since it’s not counted in the majority. Effectively, counting the same way as an “Against” vote just like the actual Against vote. However, with lowering the rate to simple majority and changing the denial requirements, this can “neuter” that power and still be used as an actual neutral vote and not impact the outcome.

Hello, Freeway

Not really a freeway but Kingsnake has been approved to finish the B20 from Ellesume to AT.

Rolling in the Dough

Multiple events have been fully funded this GSM. Be on the lookout for them!

2021 MRT Summer GamesCape CambridgeJuly 4th – August 1st
Miu Wan Grand PrixMiu WanLate June – Mid July
MGA Bank Holiday TournamentWintersideWeekend of May 31st

And that’s all, folks. Make sure to send in your stuff for the May 29th ISM! I’ll see ya on the server!