A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

May 2021 ISM Results

30 minutes. In and out. Let’s get right to it.

Moving on Up

Kingsnake proposed a reroute of the B58 which was approved. This reroute would make the spur from B58 to Veldburg renumber as B588 while the other part of the split would continue as B54. The part in red below will be signed as B58.

Kingsnake proposed an extension of A54 from Victoria to Rattlerville. This was partially approved from Victoria to B545 (new road that was approved with this). Staff wanted kingsnake to clarify their plans with the terrain (specifically a mountain near Rattlerville). Once that is cleared up, they can continue the rest of the road to Rattlerville.

Rattlerville continues to have more work with a river widening that was also approved to allow kingsnake to operate riverboats down the river.

CodyHM proposed an extension of their A892 project that will follow the Lakeshore Line. This was approved up to the split south of L5. Staff wanted a few more details on the need for it so Cody just needs to send an email to staff.

AlphaDS proposed an addition to their A245 project to include the B230 and upgrade it to A class standards to allow the A245 to connect to the A30. Red part being the current B230 that will be upgraded and signed as A245. This was approved.

B989 from HarborRandom852 was denied because they did not send a map of their route.

Inactive Things

autobus22 was approved to bypass an unnamed town by Yellowitcher near East Mesa and cgc747‘s town of Alki near L9.

sesese9 was approved to transfer Fort Yaxier from camelfantasy.

Miles of Rail

Skelezomperman has proposed to extend the Plains line from Hannibal to Caravaca. This was approved and construction has been started. As with all MRT extensions, stations aren’t available to claim until the line is completed.

And that’s it! I’ll see ya at the June 2021 GSM on June 13th.