A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

August 2021 ISM Results

Highway to Somewhere

frogggggg‘s proposal to build the B315 and B316 were denied. All the towns involved were unranked and deemed too small. Staff prefer that towns are at least councilor before asking for approval to build A/B roads.

KIttyCat11231‘s proposal to add a rail station underneath the work-in-progress Central City Park and Ride was approved.

OriginRailway‘s proposal to extend the B287 from Celina to Origin City was approved.

Narnia17‘s proposal to have a seaplane exemption in Utopia was approved.

kingnsake‘s A54 extension was approved to continue down to Rattlerville.

HarborRandom852‘s proposal to build the B963 from Miu Wan to Ngau Ling was denied as Ngau Ling is unranked and too small.

Postcards back Home

MinecraftYoshi26 is back to hosting the MRTvision Screenshot Contest with the ninth season in Wazamawazi. Staff approved the event funding so we can’t wait to see the spectacular screenshots of around the server. Remember that the top 10 will be displayed on the website too!

Slight Change of Hands

MIKE24DUDE was approved to bypass Lanark and Spruce Hills for a Network South Central rail line.

Foote_Chicken‘s IAT of New Ashmore (owned by verytablemyner) at XE44 was approved.

Tracking the MRT

Staff approved 2 extensions to the MRT!

Missa_Solemnis will be extending the Arctic Line from its current terminus in Kaloro City to intersect the Western Line in Bristol.

Headed up by autobus22 (with assistance from DintyB and hvt2011), they will will be extending the Zephyr North and Lakeshore lines together. The Zephyr/Lakeshore lines will be extended to Oparia LaTourneau. The Zephyr will continue north to Oparia Waterport while the Lakeshore will go east to New Mackinaw.

The Little Things

The Welcome Center in Central Park will be getting a little of a facelift. Based on member feedback, MinecraftYoshi26 will be leading touch-ups to the Welcome Center. Be sure to submit any feedback to them!

EliteNeon‘s proposal to rename to Lake 31 to Lake Superior was approved! (happy chief noises)

Based off of PtldKnight‘s proposal to upgrade Spawn City Station elevators to Lift from EElevator, staff agreed to allow any member to upgrade any server-owned building in Spawn City and all MRT Stations on the Old World to Lift. We do ask to keep the same structure of the elevators (as in keeping the gold tops and bottoms).

See ya at the September GSM on September 11th!