A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

September 2021 GSM Results

And we have hit September! We had the GSM and we got results to tell ya about.

Mod-y Mod Mod

For this GSM, we had one candidate for staff. Results of that vote were the following:

NameForNeutralAgainstDid Not Vote

Livin in the Community

Staff rejected a proposal from chiefbozx to move Sections 6 thru 10 to a “Consent Agenda“.

Avaneesh2008‘s proposal for an “official” MRT History Museum was denied however they can build an unofficial one in Central City on the plot and ask for official designation/warp hub permissions upon completion.

Staff established guidelines on Flag Park based on a proposal from PtldKnight. The outcomes are the following:

  • chiefbozx will be the “caretaker” of Flag Park
  • Flag Park will be extended to include the back half of the MRT Mail Center plot.
  • An established MPO or town on the town list may build a flag in Flag Park.

Staff accepted an alternate proposal from HarborRandom852 to increase the seaplane limit. The updated count are as follows:

  • Councillor: 2
  • Mayor: 4
  • Senator: 6
  • Governor and Above: 12

Mile Marker 20

Miu Wan International Airport was denied due to the contributing towns of Kyoto and Miu Tung been deemed too far from the proposed location. Staff suggested to move the location further south to allow all towns to be included in the original proposal.

B77 by Berncow between South Canal and Seaview was approved (pending drawbridge built over the canal).

B95 extension and B963 by HarborRandom852/kingsnake was denied over inconsistencies with the drawn map and text in the proposal.

B255 between Nymphalia, Padagonia and the A360 by Melecie was approved.

Moving Hands

krisyam‘s Inactive Asset Transfer of Llewellyn was denied over unclear intentions with the town and an unlabeled map of the area.

EspiDev‘s IAB of Glenbrook was approved to allow them to work on the B750 and river terraforming.

Laying Tracks

Missa_Solemnis‘s Arctic Extension from Kaloro CityPine Park to Bristol (AX2) is now open! All stations were pre-allocated to cities along the route due to 500 block rule.

Staff approved Missa_Solemnis‘s Southern West and Desert Extension in SW Zeta.

autobus22 requested to add another infill station along the Lakeshore extension between the “old” LE1 and Oparia Airport (L0). This was approved.

Item Basket

Staff did consider moving the GSM/ISM time two hours earlier but was tabled on whether it would actually benefit staff and questions over staff availability.

As of this GSM, staff world is open for members and above to view. Ask a staff member in-game if you would like to see it for yourself!

Hope to see y’all at the September ISM on September 25th at 7PM UTC!