November 2021 ISM Results

We had a fairly short ISM and only had one non-staff attendee (PtldKnight)! Regardless, here’s the updates:

  • A84 Extension by Ada_Virus was partially approved with staff only approving the N-S extension from Kaloro City up to the A980. Staff did not want to have two A roads paralleling with such short distance between each other.
  • B936 by RR10021 was denied. This was denied over insufficient development on the island and no development on the mainland. Staff recommended to build up the mainland by claiming Arctic A36 Station and then propose a connection either by bridge or ferry once built up enough.
  • 2021 MRT Transit Awards by PtldKnight/Skelezomperman was fully approved. Nominations are open now and the show will be held late December/early January.
  • Lake 47 (south-western most body of water on the server) will be renamed to the Southern Sea as staff approved the proposal from godzilltrain/SimonScholar.

As I said, really quick! We’ll see ya for the December GSM on December 12th at 7PM UTC.