A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

December 2021 GSM Results

I hear it’s snowing in places across the world. I’m sitting here in rain so I guess it’s close. Regardless, GSM was today and we got lots of stuff to go through.

Announcements, Announcements (a terrible way to die *clap clap*)

(summer camp song/meme)

Frumple started the meeting off with announcing that the MRT will remain open through 2023 thus cancelling the planned closure. The formal statement can be found here:

I made an announcement but will cover that at the end of this post…

Around the Community

Frumple revised the warning system to have more examples

# of warningsInfraction
1Constructing a restricted build without prior requirements or staff approval (such as a rail line longer than 4000 blocks)
Failure to stop spamming, caps, or other annoyances when instructed.
2Jokes/remarks in poor taste.
Violations of the 300-500 block rule.
Violations of the “Respect the landscape” rule (large-scale landscarring).
3Minor griefing.
* Building a small structure or making small-scale changes to another player’s town without permission.
Minor disrespect, which can include:
* Minor/one-off insults or personal attacks.
* Arguing in an uncivil manner.
4Major griefing
* Destructive, large-scale, and/or widespread changes made without permission.
Major disrespect, which can include:
* More serious insults or personal attacks.
* Harassment.
* Racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.
* Unnecessary escalation of an argument.
5 / 6Reserved for extreme cases, or when multiple infractions are addressed at once.
7As above, or when the owner indefinitely bans players in cases of sustained belligerent dissent.
Major changes are in bold (Disrespect has been split into two levels)

In addition staff have agreed to add the following to the warning system rules:

At their discretion, staff may take recent previous warnings into account when issuing new warnings, even if those previous warnings have expired. This may result in the issuing of higher warning levels and punishments than what is normally issued.

Vehicles will be coming to the main server tomorrow as Frumple will be performing a maintenance day for the upgrade. All vehicles can be used for free but vehicle spawning will be restricted to trustees and above. Anyone can ride spawned/existing vehicles however.

lalaboy was given an exemption to the 6 warp rule allowing them to have a 13 warp dragon in Kessler. This was granted as this is the only dragon in Kessler and is the main way of transport into/out of Kessler. Talks over the warp signs on the saddle of the dragon spawned discussion and eventual rule change of the rule around warp sign location to the following:

Warp signs should be on/touching the vehicle.

This rule change brings air vehicles more in line with boats.

Staff approved the staff meeting schedule for the first half of 2022. The schedule is below:

January 2022 GSMJanuary 8
January 2022 ISMJanuary 29
February 2022 GSMFebruary 13
February 2022 ISMFebruary 27
March 2022 GSMMarch 12
March 2022 ISMMarch 26
April 2022 GSMApril 10
April 2022 ISMApril 24
May 2022 GSMMay 14
May 2022 ISMMay 28
June 2022 GSMJune 12
June 2022 ISMJune 26
First half of 2022 Staff Meeting Schedule

Charlton (formerly owned by callin35/Ben6331) was transferred to TheAllRounderMC by Inactive Asset Transfer.

Northern Eastern Extension (NEX) was opened from NE19 to NE30. There is only one claimable station, NE30, which was not allocated as no one applied for it.

The next meeting (GSM) is scheduled for January 8, 2022 at 7PM UTC. Make sure to submit your topics by then!

Off into the Sunset

And now to my announcement, I am announcing my resignation from admin/MRT Staff. My time for the server has dwindled to a minuscule amount that I feel I cannot execute the any role of staff in full capacity. It has been a fun ride being on the staff and I will miss it. Now, I’m not leaving the server. I’ll pop in and out but now, I will have a Governor+ tag. My letter of resignation is below:

And with that finally done, this closes my final propaganda post for the MRT. It’s been a time and thank you for having me here. -Sese