A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

January 2022 GSM Results


With sesese9’s fond farewell from the staff team, I (Frumple) have returned to writing staff meeting results on this here website for the foreseeable future. While unfortunately I can’t be as “hip and cool” as sese’s writing style, I will try to be as concise and “to-the-point” as possible when writing these results.

The meeting agenda and minutes can be accessed using the following links:

Mojang1014 is the server’s first “Double-Premier”

Two cities were up for consideration for Premier rank this GSM: Chan Bay by Mojang1014, and Porton by SimonScholar.

Chan Bay was promoted with an unanimous 11-0 vote by staff, while Porton unfortunately was not promoted in a contentious and narrow 4-7 vote.

Mojang is the server’s first member to have two cities recognized for the Premier rank. He previously achieved the rank of Premier with his city of Deadbush at the December 2018 GSM. At GSMs, it is tradition for new Premiers to present a speech that would be read to all members. At the latest GSM, Mojang gave a rousing, almost presidential speech, which went as follows:

This is Mojang1014 here.
Most of the people call me moj. Others who have seen me bud on this server back in 2018 would call me Mojang.
No fancy sugarcoating here and there. I just want to make this speech meaningful, or at the very least, brief.
I would like to take this opportunity to again extend my gratitude to everyone in this server who has supported me along this road to double premier.
Chan Bay, initially I thought, would just end up like all the other, well majority, of moj towns that have seeded themselves onto the surface of the New World – that being a tiny hamlet in the nowhere.
For much of its growth, it has been fast and evident of the dubious yet mysterious ways of what many folks here call Mojangitis. When the town reached Governor, I kind of stopped and took a breather – kept multiplying the disease, whatever shape or form, whenever I had the time and effort to do so.
May 2020 rolled along and I made my first shot to the double premier hoop. A near unanimous “no” (I believe it was a 1:10 ratio) was their answer. I was disheartened honestly, and that took a good chunk of my motivation. Add Modgate and all the drama that has happened this past year, it just went lower and lower, to a point where I contemplated on leaving the server for good.
But I persisted, in hopes and aspirations that whatever the hell that was happening right now, would simmer, and no one would frankly give a damn about it anymore.
It was then that I started working on Chan Bay again.
And from tiny hamlet to vast semi-arid metropolis it went.
One airport to three airports.
Unknown to Known.
Governor to Premier.
Single to Double (Premier).
So to those members, young and old, experienced and not, lazy and driven, let Chan Bay be a testament that no matter how hard things in this world can be, whether it be the IB exams or your screwed-up mental health, that dreams and aspirations, wonder and inspiration, can indeed come true if you put your mind, sweat, and effort into it.
So God bless all of you, at sa wakas, mabunga at masaya ang araw ninyo.

Three new Moderators join the staff team

Three candidates were up for consideration at this GSM: SimonScholar, Mojang1014, __7d.

CandidateForNeutralAgainstDid Not Vote

In addition, SimonScholar (formerly known as godzilltrain and also a former Administrator) will be considered for promotion back to Administrator in 3 months time on or around April 8th. This “moderator probation” is very similar to one we offered to chiefbozx when he returned to staff back in 2017.

Congratulations to all the new moderators!

Town Naming Standards introduced

We have introduced new naming standards for any new towns and cities founded on the MRT from this point forward. These standards were made in response to some extremely short or nonsensical town names that contribute to breaking the server’s immersion, and make it more difficult to process and communicate when referring to them.

The Town Naming Standards have been added to the Policies and Procedures page, and are summarized as follows:

Town names will be rejected if they:

  • Are a single letter long
  • Are exclusively formed of numbers
  • Contain punctuation (other than periods, dashes, apostrophes, etc in grammatically appropriate locations) or characters outside of the Latin alphabet with basic diacritics
  • Contain or reference anything that is against the server rules (for example, slurs or explicit language)
  • Are annoying or spammy as determined by staff (for example, an unpronounceable string of random letters, or attempting to circumvent the spirit of the naming standards)
  • Are identical to an existing in-game town name

Note that this policy is not retroactive, and registered town names made before the January GSM that violate this policy are not required to change. However, we do encourage those towns to change their names for the sake of keeping with the standards.

WorldEdit School video project approved

lalaboy has created a prototype educational video for teaching new members how to request and use WorldEdit. It is intended to replace the in-game WorldEdit School, which has been fraught with issues over the years:

lalaboy is intending this to become a full-fledged video series that could be featured on the MRT website, and referred to in-game whenever players need WorldEdit tips. Staff have approved this project and will provide assistance with grammar and video scripting.

Other projects and events approved

A68 from Tembok to Sansvikk

The A68 road proposed by Melecie has been approved from Tembok to Himiko. The rest of the road from Himiko to Sansvikk has been conditionally approved as soon as Melecie obtains permission from Yellowitcher. Once permission is given, Melecie can work on that portion immediately without needing to resubmit at a staff meeting.

Formula MRT Season 3

The next season of Formula MRT run by HarborRandom852 has been approved. The event is still looking for hosts, so if you are interested, DM Harbor in Discord. The event is currently tentatively scheduled for two days on February 12th and 19th.

Eastern North Zeta Extension

An northern extension of the Eastern Line proposed by Mojang1014 has been approved. Originally, Skelezomperman was to be the sponsor and primary builder for the project, but with Mojang’s promotion to Moderator, this may no longer be necessary. The proposal can be viewed here.

Minecraft 1.18.1 Update

As a final note, the beta server has been updated to Minecraft 1.18.1 and is open for public testing. More details can be found on the #beta-announcements channel in Discord. The current plan is to update main server to 1.18.1 by February or earlier.

That’s all for now, see you at the next meeting.