January 2022 ISM Results


Welcome to the January 2022 ISM: MRT Extension Edition! No seriously, this meeting only consists of MRT extension proposals and nothing else.

The meeting agenda and minutes can be accessed here:

MRT Station Allocations

Desert Line Extension 3 and Southern West Extension

These extensions built by Missa_Solemnis are now complete, and the following stations have been allocated:

  • D63 – Melecie
  • D66 – TheAllRounderMC
  • D71/SW48 – BernCow
  • D77 – VickiTori_
  • D78 – chimata

Eastern Line North Extension

This extension built by Mojang1014 is now complete, and the following stations have been allocated:

  • EN38 – Krakabraka
  • EN39 – _Cylian
  • EN47 – HarborRandom852
  • EN49 – RR10021

All other unclaimed stations may now be claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis provided any new towns follow the 300/500 block proximity rules.

Proposed MRT Extensions

Mesa Line Extension to M65

Proposed by Foote_Chicken, this extends the Mesa Line south to meet with the Desert Line at D63.

This extension has been approved, with Mojang1014 assigned as the sponsor.

Forest Line Extension 2

Proposed by Krakabraka, this extends the Forest Line east towards several small towns on the south coast of the Quindici Sea.

This extension has been denied due to various reasons such as: a lack of previous experience on the proposer’s part on building large-scale projects of this nature, and the extension not serving enough towns of significant size (at least Senator rank).

Zephyr South Line Extension 5a

Proposed by TheAllRounderMC, this extends the Zephyr Line south from Dand to Lilygrove Union.

This extension has been denied for similar reasons to the Forest Line Extension 2 above. However, a longer, more significant extension may be considered in the future.

That’s all for now, see you next time at the February General Staff Meeting on Sunday, February 13th at 7pm UTC.