February 2022 ISM Results

A 10-minute Infrastructure Staff Meeting happened.

The meeting agenda and minutes can be accessed here:

B690 Extension and Rename

An extension of the B690 from Idk to Rosebridge proposed by Krakabraka has been approved. In addition, the B690 has been renamed to B69. Nice.

Lake 34/33 Canal and Lake 33 Rename

A canal connecting Lake 34 to Lake 33 proposed by EliteNeon has been approved. However, a proposed rename from EliteNeon of Lake 33 to Lake Michigan or Lake Huron has been rejected. A rename may be proposed in the future once more towns and development have been established around Lake 33.

Bardot Springs IAT

An IAT from Ariamir to take ownership of the town of Bardot Springs has been approved. Bardot Springs was originally owned by ryanfr who have been inactive for 6 months.

And that is all. See you next time at the GSM on March 12th at 7pm UTC.