A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

March 2022 GSM Results


Here are the results for the March 2022 GSM.

The meeting agenda and minutes can be accessed using the following links:

Premier voting for Miu Wan postponed

Due to only 5 staff members in attendance at this GSM, we have chosen to postpone consideration of Miu Wan for Premier until the April 2022 GSM.

B22 bridge proposal denied

A proposal from frogggggg to extend the B22 and build a bridge to the Ottia Islands has been denied. There are concerns that such a bridge is too long for such a span, and that alternatives such as building a tunnel or building a shorter-span bridge should be considered.

Town Building Contest approved

A proposal from SimonScholar for a town building contest has been approved. The contest involves participants building towns in locations chosen by someone else. The intent is to challenge the participant’s building skills in unfamiliar terrain.

The signup form for this contest is now open until March 31st. Participants will then build their towns during the months of April and May, with voting taking place in late May and early June. For more information, please see the proposal in the meeting agenda, or look in #event-announcements on Discord.

IAT approved

An IAT for an unnamed town just north of New Gensokyo has been approved. The original owner was harbster / Fuzzywheedoo (inactive for 2+ years), and the new owner is LegendOfYukari. Yukari will be integrating the town into New Gensokyo, but keeping the buildings intact.

MRT Line Extension News

Lakeshore East Extension Allocations

Spegit007 has been granted LE10 station. All other stations from LE6 to LE13 are now free to claim on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Mesa Line Extension Allocations

No requests have been made for any new stations on this extension. Therefore, M63 and M64 are now free to claim on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Island Line Extension Proposal

SimonScholar is at it again with yet another MRT line extension, this time for the Island Line. This proposal has been approved, and extends the Island Line further south and to the west, crossing over where the Zephyr Line will go in future, and terminating at Cape Cambridge.

Frumple will be away for the entirety of April

As a final note, I will be on vacation from Monday, March 28th to Tuesday, May 3rd.

I will still have access to Discord and server internals during this time, but I will be largely unavailable. Therefore, for any server emergencies or other administrative tasks, please contact Chief as your first point of contact.

Since I’m gone, there will be no Frumple TV livestream/recording of the April GSM and ISM, and the GSM and ISM results posts on this website will either be delayed until May, or written by one of the other admins.

Since SimonScholar’s moderator “probation” expires in the middle of April, I may move his promotion to administrator up in late March before I leave.

Finally, it is highly likely at this point that there will not be enough time to test and update the Minecraft server to 1.18.2 before I leave. Therefore, the server will remain at 1.18.1 until I return in May.

That’s all for now, see you at the March ISM on Saturday, March 26th.