BluRail Culinary Srvics Apologizs for Mold Outbrak

TRANQUIL FOREST — In a regularly scheduled Form 707 filing with the Biwabik Stonk Exchange and Tranquil Forest Stock Exchange, BluRail today announced that while its Culinary Services division had completed the development of its new onboard food and beverage offering, one cookie batch had been accidentally left in a Jim’s Storage Cell for 20 minutes longer than it should have been, and mold spores had gotten into the cookies. These cookies were then served on three runs of the [WS] Wall Shuttle service in Sealane before staff realized their grave mistake and quarantined the cookies.

Culinary Services spokesperson DintyB told sources that “although our currnt invstigation suggsts that this particular mold is not dangrous to gnral halth and safty, it can spontanously mutat into on of 311,286 possibl variations, and sprads quickly”.

“don’t worry about it lol”, BluRail CEO hvt2011 announced after the story broke and BluRail’s stock valuation dropped by 6.9% in early trading on Friday.

Hazmat crews have been dispatched to Jim’s Storage Cell B4 to attempt to clean up the mess.

April Fool’s!

This year’s April Fool’s is brought to you by a custom plugin written by DintyB and chiefbozx. We will open-source the code following the event, so that you can see how it works!

Discord messages and private messages in-game are not affected by the mold outbreak, however all VentureChat channels (including main/global, local, project, media, and staff channels) are impacted, as are party chats.

All functionality will be restored following the restart at 00:00 UTC on Sunday, April 3.