A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

May 2022 GSM Results + April 2022 GSM/ISM Results

Hi all,

The May 2022 GSM has recently concluded. However, before we get those results, since I was not available for the month of April, I will need to write up the results from April 2022 GSM and ISM as well. So here comes one mega post for all three of these meetings.

The meeting agendas and minutes for these meetings can be accessed here. A YouTube livestream of the public portion of the May 2022 GSM is also available, and such livestreams will now be embedded into these results posts from this point forward:

April 2022 GSM

  • The city of Miu Wan by HarborRandom852 was considered for Premier at this meeting. However, it was denied promotion by a vote of 1 For, 5 Against.
  • The MGA Easter Tournament proposed by LondonThameslink was approved. The event has already taken place on April 23rd.
  • An IAT for Northberg proposed by Hightech_TR has been approved. The town, located at C29 and C30, was originally owned by nicrats.
  • An extension of the B22 from Titsensaki to the Ottia Islands proposed by frogggggg has been approved. The bridge alignment between the mainland and Ottia Islands now takes a route with shorter, more realistic spans between land masses.

April 2022 ISM

  • The only topic of this meeting was the Zephyr South Extension proposed by SimonScholar, which was approved.

May 2022 GSM

Moderator Nominations

One candidate, kingsnake, was up for consideration for the Moderator position. However, their promotion was denied by a vote of 1 For, 10 Neutral, 0 Against. The reasons cited for the vote was the lack of relevant and recent evidence that matches the moderator criteria.

Community Issues

Changes to Discord Channels

Several changes to our Discord server, proposed by Frumple, have been approved and implemented:

  • #serious is now an opt-in channel due to the sensitive nature of its serious, mature, and personal conversations.
  • You can now opt-in to the new Event Notifications role, which will be pinged by staff for event signups and whenever an event starts.
  • #mrt-nostalgia is now back under the General Chat category for the time being. Whether or not it stays there will depend on its overall usage.
  • All survey channels have been deleted, except for #survey-archives, which you can find under the Archived category.

EasyTimeline Wiki Extension

A proposal by PtldKnight to add the EasyTimeline extension has been approved. However, whether or not it can be installed will still have to be investigated by Frumple. The EasyTimeline extension adds customizable timelines to wiki pages, and could be useful for showing the history of towns and companies on the server.

Spectator Mode for Trustees

A proposal by SimonScholar to allow spectator mode (/gm 3) for Trustees has been approved, with the condition that a plugin be used to disable the spectator teleport functionality that can be used to circumvent /tpa requests. This plugin is now live on the main Minecraft server as part of the Minecraft 1.18.2 update.

Publicizing Moderator Nominations

A proposal by Skelezomperman to publicize moderator nominations as they are accepted instead of 1 week before the GSM has been approved. Due to how the new moderator nomination process has evolved since it was introduced in 2020, and how people are already collaborating on nominations anyway, there does not seem to be any need to keep these nominations private.

Other changes to the nomination process were also discussed at this meeting, but it was decided to defer decisions on them to future meetings. These changes include:

  • Reducing the required number of nominations from 2 to 1, but requiring each nomination to be primarily written by at least two authors. It is assumed that the authors would be the ones who did the actual write-up and/or collected the evidence for the nomination.
  • Determining a fair way for incoming nominations to be judged for their quality, as staff members themselves may inject their own personal opinions or biases when judging nominations. There is no clear solution for this issue at the moment.

Transport Projects

The B86 from Grassbush to Sky Atlantis, proposed by RadiantRanger26, has been approved.

The B992 extension from Skogheim to Keriyowna, proposed by Worrski, has been approved.

Green = existing overground road
Blue = planned tunnel
Red = planned overground road

Other Topics

MLS Shoveler’s Cup Playoffs

Funding for this event, organized by Skelezomperman, has been approved. MLS games are currently in-progress, with the playoffs likely happening around July.

MRT Island and Zephyr South Allocations

The following stations have been allocated:

  • I56 – Krakabraka
  • I55/ZS55 – aindrigo
  • I49 – Albayuri
  • ZS48 – PtldKnight

All other vacant stations can now be claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

And we are now caught up for the past 3 staff meetings. See you next time at the May 2022 ISM on Saturday, May 28th at 7pm UTC.