A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

June 2022 GSM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results of the June 2022 GSM.

Plans for the MRT 10th Anniversary

Expect no major staff-run events for this anniversary

The MRT’s 10th Anniversary is coming up on July 13th, 2022. Unfortunately, it looks like many of the staff are currently too busy with IRL obligations to organize any major events next month. Therefore, we would like to set your expectations now that there are no plans to run events at this time. That said, if members would like to run their own events around the anniversary, they are certainly welcome to do so and may submit funding proposals at the June ISM or July GSM.

New Admod Building selection process underway

The staff have started the process of choosing a new Admod building. There will be two stages of private voting for staff only:

  1. A Yes/No vote on if we want a new building.
  2. If Yes, this will be followed by a vote at the July GSM on which building we will go with.

Some staff members have already started building some candidate Admod buildings in the staff world. If #1 passes, then staff will have until the July GSM to construct a candidate building.

Mountbatten fails to achieve Premier rank

Staff considered one Premier candidate, Mountbatten by fellow staff member Mojang1014, at this meeting. However, the promotion was rejected by a 0-6 vote, mainly due to the lack of cultural significance, which is a pillar of the EPIC criteria on which we base our evaluations on for Premier cities.

More Discord Changes

Some additional minor changes have been made to our Discord server:

  • With Discord rolling out text in voice channels, channels like #voice-channel and #event-voice-channel are now redundant. These channels have been removed.
  • #birthdays is a new channel for birthday announcements and celebrations. Set your own birthday by typing =birthday set in that channel. Any pings and celebratory messages should now be done in that channel instead of #general.
  • Additionally, #new-members, #birthdays, and #auxiliary-discords are now grouped together in the new “Community” category.

Transport Projects

B993 from Keriyowna to Winter Wind

This B-road proposed by worrski and Cylian has been approved.

B333 from Parkland to Watford

This B-road proposed by STthecat has been approved.

B62 from Union Island to Chan Bay

This B-road proposed by DoubR has been approved. However, we would like to remind DoubR that the road should have bridges to allow boat traffic to cross, and to take care when building the crossover between left side and right side driving.


Formula MRT Season 4

This event proposed by HarborRandom852 has been approved.

The event will take place on the following dates:

  • Day 1: Saturday, June 25th
  • Day 2: Saturday, July 2nd

2022 MRT Summer Games

This event proposed by frogggggg has been approved.

The event will take place on the following date/times:

  • Day 1: Saturday, June 18th at 5 am UTC
  • Day 2: Sunday, June 19th at 7 am UTC

For more information, check out the MRT Summer Games auxiliary discord.

XXII and XXIV TacoBurritoAThon

These events proposed by Skelezomperman have been approved.

At the time of this writing, no specific date/times have been announced for these events.


This new event proposed by Krakabraka and Avaneesh2008 has been approved.

The event will take place on the following dates (all from 5 pm to 7 pm UTC):

  • Friday, June 17th
  • Saturday, June 25th
  • Sunday, June 26th

The Future of ISMs

While scheduling staff meetings for the next 6 months, a question has been proposed on whether it makes sense to continue running ISMs due to the lack of submitted topics and member/staff attendance since January. After some discussion, it was decided that since there is usually an uptick of server activity in the summer that wanes in the fall, we will re-evaluate this question at the December 2022 GSM.

Town Building Contest Results

Finally, the results of SimonScholar’s Town Building Contest have been released:

PositionTownBuilderScore (out of 70)Prize
4thWindswept ValleyFooteChicken35.5$1,000

The voting document can be viewed here.

And that’s all for this month’s GSM. See you at the June 2022 ISM on Sunday, June 26th.