June 2022 ISM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results of the June 2022 ISM. For the results of the Special Staff Meeting (SSM) that also occurred right after the ISM, please see Chief’s post about the new Conductor rank. The video embedded below covers both the ISM and the SSM.

Transport Projects

A62 from Deadbush to Lumeva + A620 to Savannah

A proposal by Yellowitcher to transfer the A62 project to him and to build the A620 as a spur off to Savannah has been approved.

A6 Extension to West Zeta and B66 to Dewford City and Cloud 9

A proposal by arbirchy to extend the A6 further west along the Mesa Line and to build the B66 as spurs off to Dewford City and Cloud 9 has been approved.

B105 from New Mayton City to Halifax

A proposal by Spegit to build a short B-road from New Mayton City north to Halifax has been approved.


Kraka’s Transport Competition

A proposal by Krakabraka to hold a building competition for buses, trains, and other forms of transportation has been rejected. This is due to a lack of details in the proposal, including a reasonable prize structure, judging done by a panel of players or via an open vote, and a specific time frame and length for the competition. Krakabraka may resubmit this proposal at a future staff meeting with these details established.

That’s all for now. See you at the next GSM on Saturday, July 9th at 7pm UTC.