July 2022 ISM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results of the July 2022 ISM.

Transport Projects

B682 from Hazanne to StevensTown and Frostgrave

A proposal by ItsNotJasper to build a B-road from Hazanne to the island towns of StevensTown and Frostgrave has been approved.

B65 Northern Extension from Savannah to Cactusburg

A proposal by jay_planner to extend the B65 north from Savannah to Cactusburg has been approved.

B65 Southern Extension from Sansvikk to Glacierton

A proposal by chimata to extend the B65 south from Sansvikk to Glacierton has been approved.

B105 from Halifax to Mountains Pier

A proposal by __Steve_n__ to extend the B105 from Halifax to Mountains Pier has been approved, despite the poor quality map provided. Members are reminded to avoid using illegible hand-drawn text and symbology when submitting maps for any staff meeting proposals.

Inactive Asset Transfers and Bypasses

High Speed Rail Corporation Zaquar-Fort Yaxier Tunnel

A proposal by KittyCat11231 to take ownership of the Zaquar-Fort Yaxier Tunnel belonging to the High Speed Rail Corporation (original owner: camelfantasy) has been approved.


A proposal by hvt2011 to take ownership of the town of Oaksville (original owner: GamerTV10) for the purpose of expanding Tranquil Forest has been approved.

Unnamed Town Bypass and 4k Waiver

A proposal by _fwis to build a 5000-block warp rail line from Ngau Ling (A35) to Winterville (A41), with a corresponding Inactive Asset Bypass for an unnamed town owned by cmdkey, has been approved.


A proposal by Echohue to take ownership of the town of Aardvark (original owner: _Slushi_) due to its adjacency to Sunshine Coast has been approved.

Spring Valley

A proposal by EliteNeon to take ownership of the city of Spring Valley (original owner: Architect_21) for sentimental and caretaker reasons has been approved.

Monte Isola

A proposal by Melecie to take ownership of the city of Monte Isola (original owner: Vulpicula) for caretaker purposes has been approved.

MRT Line Extensions

Lakeshore West Extension

A proposal by jay_planner and pretzel33, with staff sponsorship from Needn_NL, to extend the MRT Lakeshore Line further west to Ardaman, Holtville, and Las Playas has been approved. The proposal in PDF format can be viewed here.

That’s all for now. See you at the next GSM on Sunday, August 14th at 7pm UTC.