September 2022 GSM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results of the September 2022 GSM:

Deferred Topics

Due to the absence of SimonScholar, staff at this meeting have decided to defer two topics to the October 2022 GSM. These topics are the review for the Conductor rank and MRT Zeta Line proposals. These topics are not urgent in the slightest, and the Conductor rank review was originally supposed to happen in October anyway. We are delaying the Zeta Line topic to also give more time to Simon and jay_planner to finish their proposals.

New Conductor

MBoaty has been promoted to Conductor with a vote of 7 For, 2 Neutral, 1 Against. He was the only candidate to be considered at this GSM.

3 other applications for Conductor were received for this GSM, however:

  • 2 applications were deemed ineligible due to the recent inactivity of the candidate.
  • 1 application was later rescinded by the candidate.


A proposal from Avaneesh2008 to take over the franchise IOU (owned by networkpersonal) has been approved.

That is all for this GSM. See you at the next ISM on Saturday, September 24th at 7pm UTC.