September 2022 ISM Results

Hi all,

Here are the results of the September 2022 ISM.

Inactive Asset Transfers and Bypasses

Chroma Empire

A proposal by Fiery_Firey to take ownership of the town of Chromas Empire (originally owned by larotivia) has been approved.


A proposal by hvt2011 to take ownership of the town of Bronte (originally owned by Jian_Zen) has been rejected. We will require that hvt obtain approval from RadiantRanger who owns the nearby town of Avondale before resubmitting this IAT.

MRT Line Extensions

Savannah Line South

A proposal by jay_planner to extend the Savannah Line further south to Knoxville at H47 has been approved.

Jungle Line South

A proposal by pretzel33 and Zuoj to extend the Jungle Line further south to JS48 has been approved.

Other Topics

Lake 33 renamed to Qamar Sea

A proposal by ArizTrad to rename Lake 33 to Qamar Sea has been approved.

That’s all for now. See you at the next GSM on Sunday, October 9th at 7pm UTC.