A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

February 2023 GSM Results

Here are the results of the February 2023 GSM.

Itomori considered for Premier

The city of Itomori by Ariamir was a Premier candidate at this GSM. The staff felt that it was close to Premier quality, but unfortunately it was not enough with the city being rejected for Premier by a 2-7 vote.

New Conductor

Two Conductor candidates were considered at this GSM: ItsNotJasper and michabos. ItsNotJasper was promoted to Conductor by a 7-4-0 vote, while michabos was not promoted by a 1-10-0 vote. Congratulations to ItsNotJasper for becoming our newest Conductor!

Possible names for the final New World MRT lines

We are approaching the point where the final MRT lines on the New World will be planned and built. To prepare for this eventuality, we needed to make some decisions around the naming of these lines.

The first decision is that we will be re-using the Old World MRT line letters on the New World. This means that the letters B, G, O, R, Y are now available in addition to the remaining letters K and Q.

With that done, we have also brainstormed several possible line names with these remaining letters. With the exception of Y (which we could not collectively think of any good names for at this time), these names are as follows:

  • K – Knight, Kelp
  • Q – Quagmire, Quartz, Quest, Quarry
  • B – Beach, Birch, Bayou
  • G – Glacier, Grassland, Garden, Grove, Geyser
  • R – River, Reef, Ridge
  • O – Ocean, Odyssey, Oasis, Oak

With these names decided, the next step will be for I (Frumple) to create a final MRT line plan for all remaining lines and extensions. Once that plan is out, we will be open to proposals for these lines.

Re-evaluating existing B-roads

Skelezomperman made a proposal at this meeting to adjust the B-Road rules to allow players to build B-Roads within their own town without needing staff approval. Apparently in practice, some B-Roads were allowed to be built in this manner, but this goes against the purpose of B-Roads, which are meant to be roads that connect between towns or between a town and a nearby A-Road.

Rather than change the rules to conform to recent practices, we are instead only going to approve B-roads that are meant for intercity traffic from this point forward. Some staff will also review all existing roads registered in our documents, and flag any roads that should have their B-Road designation removed or renumbered. A proposal will be made with all of these changes at a future GSM.

Additionally, there may be some proposed rule changes to how B-roads designated at a future GSM. More details will be provided at that time.

MRT Southern Line – Eastern Extension Allocations

No station applications were made for the new Southern Line Eastern Extension to Ellerton Fosby. This means any unclaimed stations are now available for claiming on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The station allocations for this extension are as follows:

  • SE27 – Available
  • SE28 – Available
  • SE29 – Derby (Echohue)
  • SE30 – Castilion (pretzel33)
  • SE31-33 – Sunshine Cove (woorich999)
  • SE34 – Available
  • SE35 – Available
  • SE36 – Available
  • SE37 – Available
  • SE38 – Mojangbahru (chiefbozx)
  • SE39 – Eastbourne (OnyxCrow22)
  • SE40 – Available
  • SE41-42 – Ellerton Fosby (AP_Red)

That is all for this GSM. See you at the next GSM on Saturday, March 11 at 7pm UTC.