May 2023 GSM Results

Here are the results of the May 2023 GSM.

New Conductor

One Conductor candidate was considered at this GSM: ondist. They were promoted to the position by a 4-3-0 vote. Congratulations to ondist!

Community Issues

#wiki Discord Channel

A proposal from chimata to create a dedicated #wiki channel on the Discord has been approved. While there are concerns that such a channel may not get enough frequent use, we’ll try it out anyway and review it at the end of year.

Other ideas proposed by chimata and from the subsequent discussions will not be implemented. These include: WikiProjects, editorial standards, and a formal role for wiki editors. We the staff would like to explicitly make it clear that while contributions to improve each other’s wiki pages are generally welcome, no formal wiki page standards should be enforced.

A and B Road Designations Deferred to Next GSM

Since AP_Red, one of the organizers of the A & B Road Designation project, was not present at this GSM, we have decided to defer this topic to the June 2023 GSM.

That is all for this GSM. See you at the next GSM on Sunday, June 11 at 7pm UTC.